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Is NOVOS The Best Anti-Aging Supplement Available?

We don’t like to brag, but we genuinely believe that NOVOS Core is the best anti-aging supplement on the market. 

Here’s why:

  • The 12 ingredients in NOVOS Core are among the best natural ingredients to improve health span and lifespan, having shown to extend lifespan in multiple different species, and many ingredients have been associated with reduced mortality and aging-related diseases in humans.
    In contrast to NOVOS, most “anti-aging” supplements are antioxidants, herbs or substances with far less or even no science behind them, often based on outdated beliefs like that aging is caused by oxidative damage (it’s not), or based on little scientific studies.
  • NOVOS’ scientific advisors are world experts in longevity and aging. Most companies do not have any longevity scientists on board, let alone such esteemed ones. 
  • Each ingredient in NOVOS addresses not one, but multiple hallmarks of youth in a synergistic way. Aging is caused by many different mechanisms, all of which need to be addressed. Most longevity and anti-aging products only focus on one or two mechanisms, max.

Why NOVOS is a different kind of anti-aging supplement 

Based on the latest scientific discoveries into aging Often rely on outdated theories of aging
Addresses 9 aging mechanismsOften address only one or no aging mechanisms
Achieves synergistic effects between different aging mechanismsMinimal to no synergistic effects achieved
Each ingredient is shown to extend lifespan in scientific studiesOften no proof in scientific studies
Collaboration with esteemed longevity scientistsTypically no collaboration with longevity scientists
Also reduces wrinklesTypically do not address wrinkles 
Also improves cognitionOften do not address cognition
Sachets for maximum dosing & longevity effectsCapsules or tablets contain inadequate doses
Patent-pending formulationSimplistic formulas that are not patentable

Each of NOVOS’ ingredients have been carefully selected based on the best scientific evidence available.

NOVOS Core’s anti-aging ingredients are the following: 

1. Calcium alpha-ketoglutarate 

Alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) is a natural substrate found in our mitochondria, the power plants of our cells. During aging, levels of AKG decline. 

AKG can extend lifespan in various studies (R,R,R, R,R). 

AKG improves mitochondrial health, and impacts the way mitochondria use their fuel, which results in more energized cells. 

AKG also has a favorable impact on the epigenome — which of your genes are turned on or off — and has been found to rejuvenate cells (AKG is an important cofactor of the epigenetic TET enzymes for example). 

AKG can also contribute to stem cell health (R). 

Elite athletes have used AKG to improve endurance and energy levels. 

Not all AKG is the same. NOVOS uses a less common, but superior form of AKG for the sake of life extension: calcium alpha-ketoglutarate, aka CaAKG.

Benefits: increased energy, increased endurance, anti-aging effects.

Learn more about the anti-aging effects of alpha-ketoglutarate here.

2. Pterostilbene

A more effective version of resveratrol, pterostilbene can be found in very small quantities in blueberries and grapes. 

Pterostilbene is more bioavailable and stable in the body than resveratrol. Contrary to resveratrol, pterostilbene can reach much higher levels in the brain and contribute to improved cognitive function and healthy brain aging. 

Pterostilbene exerts various beneficial effects. (R,R,R,R).

Pterostilbene works synergistically with NMN to positively impact various pathways in the body involved in DNA repair, inflammation and metabolism. 

Benefits: more energy, improved cognition, healthy aging. 

Learn more about the anti-aging effects of pterostilbene here.

3. Fisetin

Fisetin is a natural ingredient, found in fruits (especially strawberries) and vegetables, albeit in low amounts. 

It extends lifespan in various organisms (R,R). 

Fisetin can clear senescent cells (“zombie” cells, that cause damage to neighboring cells), reduce inflammation, increase the creation of glutathione, among many other beneficial effects.

It can also contribute to healthy brain aging and improved cognition (R,R,R).

Benefits: improved cognition, healthy aging, improved brain aging. 

Learn more about the anti-aging effects of fisetin here.

4. Magnesium malate 

Malate (malic acid) is a substance found in fruit, such as apples – it gives them their sour, apple-like taste. 

Malate plays an important role in the mitochondria: it’s a necessary ingredient in the Krebs cycle, the process that breaks down fat, protein and carbs to generate energy for all living organisms. 

Malate extends lifespan in organisms (R,R).

Malate can also provide physical and mental energy in humans, combating fatigue and improving mental focus. 

We chose the magnesium form to also provide magnesium. Studies show that up to 70 percent of people are deficient in this important mineral. Hundreds of different proteins and enzymes in the body need magnesium to function properly. 

Magnesium also stabilizes the DNA, preventing DNA damage (R,R).

Magnesium contributes to restful sleep, calmness and can improve brain functioning and memory. 

Benefits: increased energy, improved stress resilience, improved sleep, calmness, improved brain functioning and memory, healthy aging. 

Learn more about the anti-aging effects of malate and magnesium here.

5. Glycine

Glycine is an amino acid that is naturally present in legumes, and in our body, but that declines during aging and in people who have cardiovascular disease or are overweight. 

Extra glycine extends lifespan in various organisms(R,R,R,R).

Scientists claimed they could “reverse aging” in human cell lines by adding glycine to them (R,R). Adding glycine to fibroblasts from 97-year-old people restored their mitochondrial function to much younger levels (R). This research was done in petri dishes. 

However, a large body of research has shown many beneficial effects on health and aging in humans. 

Glycine improves mitochondrial health by impacting the mitochondria’s epigenome (distinct from your DNA’s epigenome), among other mechanisms. 

Glycine can also function as a chaperone, enveloping and protecting proteins against damage and preventing them from accumulating. Protein accumulation is one of the hallmarks of aging. 

In the short-term, glycine has been found to contribute to healthy sleep, memory, calmness, and collagen production, which can lead to an improved skin appearance

Benefits: healthy aging, healthy sleep, increased calmness, improved skin appearance. 

Learn more about the anti-aging effects of glycine here.

6. Lithium

Lithium is naturally found in drinking water in regions where people live longer. Some scientists believe that this increase in lifespan is partially due to lithium. 

Very small doses (also called “ low-dose” or “micro-dosed”) lithium has been shown to extend lifespan in various organisms (R,R,R,R,R), and to contribute to healthy aging, including brain aging. 

Other studies found that lithium intake in humans is associated with increased lifespan and reduced brain aging (R,R). 

Microdosed amounts of lithium have beneficial effects on the epigenome and protein metabolism, among many other effects. In the short term, microdosed lithium has been found to improve calmness and reduce anxiety. 

Benefits: healthy aging, healthy brain aging, improved calmess and reduced anxiety. 

Learn more about the anti-aging effects of microdosed lithium here.

7. Ginger

Ginger is a spice with various health benefits. 

It reduces inflammation, improves metabolism, and has beneficial epigenetic effects

It can also improve cognition

Ginger has been proven to extend lifespan in multiple organisms, and can protect organisms and increase their survival when exposed to strong cellular stressors, like oxidative damage (the damage that antioxidants prevent), and even radioactivity (R,R,R,R).

Ginger can also provide increased energy, and improved concentration. It has been used for centuries to treat gastrointestinal discomfort like dyspepsia (indigestion or heavy stomach) and nausea. 

Benefits: healthy aging, increased energy, protection of cells against oxidative and other aging-related damage, improved concentration, reduced nausea and indigestion relief.

Learn more about the anti-aging effects of ginger here.

8. Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola rosea is a plant that grows in cold regions in Europe and Asia. 

It has been used by indigenous people for many centuries as an adaptogen, providing energy and stress resilience. 

Rhodiola rosea has been proven to extend lifespan in different species (R,R,R,R,R,R).

It can also protect the brain in animals exposed to neurotoxins, and promotes nerve regeneration (R,R). 

Studies in humans indicate that Rhodiola improves memory, learning and increases energy levels (R,R). 

Benefits: healthy aging, stress resilience (adaptogenic activity), improved memory, learning and energy levels. 

Learn more about the anti-aging effects of Rhodiola rosea here. ​

9. Hyaluronic acid (low molecular weight)

Hyaluronic acid is an important component of the skin that begins to decline in your 30’s. By the time you reach 75, you will have 75% less hyaluronic acid in your skin compared to a 19-year-old. 

Oral hyaluronic acid can reduce wrinkles and improve your skin’s appearance in a matter of weeks (R,R,R,R)

Hyaluronic acid contains acetyl-glucosamine, a molecule that has been found to extend lifespan of mammals.

Benefits: improved skin appearance, reduced wrinkles, healthy aging. 

Learn more about the anti-aging effects of hyaluronic acid here.

10. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a natural substance that has favorable effects on gene expression (epigenetics). 

Combining it with the longevity supplement alpha-ketoglutarate enables proper epigenetic (de)activation of your genes (via TET enzymes). 

Vitamin C also improves the energy production in the mitochondria, the power plants of our cells. 

Vitamin C can improve skin health because it increases collagen production, among other things. 

Benefits: increased energy, improved skin health. 

Learn more about the anti-aging effects of vitamin C here.

11. Glucosamine (sulfate form) 

Found in nature, such as in shellfish and cartilage, glucosamine is often taken to improve joint health, but it can also extend lifespan in multiple species (R,R).

Glucosamine has multiple beneficial effects on aging and lifespan.

Glucosamine mimics a low carbohydrate diet by its impact on mitochondrial metabolism. 

Glucosamine also induces autophagy (clearing up waste within cells)(R), and improves proteostasis, which means cells can properly maintain the millions of proteins they contain, preventing them from piling up and contributing to aging. It can even protect our DNA (R).

Glucosamine works together with hyaluronic acid to improve your skin’s health, because both are an important component of the skin (R).

Benefits: healthy aging, improved skin appearance. 

Learn more about the anti-aging effects of glucosamine here.

12. L-theanine

L-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea, and is one of the reasons why green tea is healthy. 

Studies show that theanine can extend lifespan in organisms (R,R,R).

It can also improve brain function, such as attention and concentration, and contributes to healthy brain aging over time. 

Theanine can protect the brain against cellular stress, induced for example by toxins or oxygen deprivation (ischemia) (R, R,R,R). For example, it could significantly decrease the size of cerebral infarcts one day after occlusion (R).

L-theanine inhibits AGE production, also known as Advanced Glycation Endproducts (R). AGEs are sugar crosslinks that appear during aging and make tissues more stiff (and wrinkly). 

L-theanine can also upregulate important aging-protective proteins, like FOXO1 and antioxidative enzymes.

Benefits: healthy aging, improved concentration and focus, relaxation. 

Learn more about the anti-aging effects of L-theanine here.

Learn more about the anti-aging supplement NOVOS Core

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