Causes of Aging

We target the 12 primary causes of aging using a patent-pending, science-backed formula

Most anti-aging companies lack understanding of what causes aging. At best, they may address signs of aging, without impacting underlying causes.

NOVOS is the only company to target the 12 causes of aging using multiple proven ingredients – an approach backed by top scientists and 435+ studies.

What ages your body? The latest scientific research uncovered 12 key causes:

01 Mitochondrial Dysfunction

During aging, mitochondria — the power plants of our cells — become dysfunctional. Without adequate power, cells — and by extension, organs — are not able to perform as well as when they were young.

Substances that promote healthy mitochondrial function: Malate | Glycine | Alpha-ketoglutarate | Fisetin | Glucosamine | Vitamin C | Pterostilbene – all contained in NOVOS Core

NMN – contained in NOVOS Boost

02 Cellular Senescence

Senescent cells are former healthy cells that stopped dividing and secrete substances that damage healthy surrounding cells. Commonly referred to as “zombie cells,” these cells increase exponentially with age and lead to tissue and organ damage.

Substances that help the body the manage senescent cells: Fisetin – contained in NOVOS Core

03 Loss of Proteostasis

Over time, more and more proteins accumulate inside and outside our cells. These proteins should be cleaned up, and when they aren’t, interfere with the cells’ proper functioning.

Substances that help cells to properly recycle proteins: Lithium | Glycine | Glucosamine | Fisetin – all contained in NOVOS Core

04 Altered Cellular Communication

When we get older, our cells become increasingly exposed to a hostile environment, characterized by pro-inflammatory and other deleterious substances that hinder cells, including stem cells, to function properly.

Substances that support a healthy inflammatory response: Ginger | Fisetin | Glucosamine – all contained in NOVOS Core

NMN – contained in NOVOS Boost

05 Genomic Instability

During aging, our DNA becomes damaged, especially in stem cells and fast-dividing cells. Damaged DNA may result in improper cell function which impacts proper functioning of tissues and organs.

Substances that help to protect DNA: Pterostilbene | Glucosamine | Magnesium – all contained in NOVOS Core

NMN – contained in NOVOS Boost

06 Epigenetic Alterations

During aging, the epigenome — the molecular machinery that regulates our genes’ activity — becomes disorganized. This leads to certain beneficial genes being turned off when they should be on, and genes that can cause trouble being turned on when they should be off.

Substances that support a healthy epigenome: Lithium | Glycine | Alpha-ketoglutarate | Vitamin C | Ginger | Pterostilbene – all contained in NOVOS Core

NMN – contained in NOVOS Boost

07 Telomere Shortening

As we age, the ends of chromosomes, known as telomeres, get shorter and cannot protect DNA any longer. This can increase the likelihood of genomic instability and impair cell function.

Substances that support telomere health: Lithium | Magnesium | Pterostilbene – all contained in NOVOS Core

08 Deregulated Nutrient Sensing

During aging, our cells become less tuned to nutrient signals, which disrupts a cell’s ability to utilize and produce energy. This can result in reduced energy and metabolic dysfunction.

Substances that support a proper nutrient metabolism: Fisetin | Pterostilbene | Ginger | Magnesium Malate | Glycine – all contained in NOVOS Core

NMN – contained in NOVOS Boost

09 Stem Cell Exhaustion

With age, stem cells become dysfunctional or die off. Since stem cells are responsible for producing new copies of our cells when they’re needed, having fewer or dysfunctional stem cells leads to our tissues being less replenished & maintained.

Substances that support stem cell health: Glycine | Alpha-ketoglutarate – all contained in NOVOS Core

10 Disabled Macroautophagy

Macroautophagy disablement occurs when a body’s cells are unable perform a cellular self-cleaning known as autophagy. This leads to the accumulation of damaged or dysfunctional cellular components and is associated with cancer, metabolic and neurological disorders.

Substances that help the body to manage disabled macroautophagy: Lithium | Glucosamine | Fisetin | Pterostilbene | Glycine – all contained in NOVOS Core

NMN – contained in NOVOS Boost

11 Inflammaging

Inflammaging is a chronic, low-grade inflammatory state that occurs as part of aging, and can be influenced by lifestyle factors. It can contribute to age-related diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and neurodegenerative disorders.

Substances that help the body to manage inflammaging: Glycine | Fisetin | Pterostilbene | Ginger | Lithium | Magnesium | Alpha-ketoglutarate | Rhodiola rosea – all contained in NOVOS Core

NMN – contained in NOVOS Boost

12 Microbiome Dysbiosis

Dysbiosis is a disruption in the normal microbial community that inhabits an environment, like our guts. It can lead to digestive disorders, immune system dysfunction, and increased risk of infection and chronic disease.

Substances that help the body to manage microbiome dysbiosis: Ginger | Pterostilbene | Fisetin | Rhodiola rosea | Lithium – all contained in NOVOS Core


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