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NOVOS Core is the most thoroughly formulated longevity supplement available, by world renowned longevity scientists & MD’s from Harvard, MIT, University of Washington, University of Liverpool, the Salk Institute & others.

One box of NOVOS Core contains 30 individual, daily sachets. Orange flavor, 100% natural, zero calorie powder for your water, drinks or yogurt.

"The first thing I've noticed is my skin looks firmer and healthier, without even using my creams! Will definitely continue using."

Kris H.

"I compared the research behind Core's ingredients to other longevity supplements, and chose Core. Now I've gotten to the point where I look forward to the orange flavor every morning."

Michael K.

"It's the first time my husband spontaneously mentioned to me that my skin was glowing, about a month after taking your product. We've been married 20 years!"

Jennifer L.
  • Slow Aging
  • Improve Skin
  • Boost Cognition
  • Increase Energy

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NOVOS Core is the most thoroughly formulated longevity supplement available. A joint effort of scientists and anti-aging MD’s from universities that include Harvard, MIT, University of Washington, University of Liverpool and others, NOVOS Core impacts 9 causes of aging:

  1. Mitochondrial Dysfunction
  2. Cellular Senescence
  3. Loss of Proteostasis
  4. Altered Cellular Communication
  5. Genomic Instability
  6. Epigenetic Alterations
  7. Telomere Shortening
  8. Deregulated Nutrient Sensing
  9. Stem Cell Exhaustion

NOVOS Core accomplishes this with 12 natural, FDA-approved ingredients, that work synergistically with each other to achieve an effect that is greater than the sum of its parts. Those ingredients are:

  1. Fisetin  –  100 mg
  2. Glycine  –  2,000 mg
  3. Pterostilbene  –  50 mg
  4. Rhodiola Rosea  –  300 mg
  5. Micro-dosed Lithium  –  1 mg
  6. Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate  –  1,100 mg
  7. Malate (from Magnesium Malate)  –  1,700 mg Malate & 300 mg Magnesium
  8. Glucosamine Sulfate  –  1,000 mg
  9. Hyaluronic Acid  –  100 mg
  10. L-Theanine  –  150 mg
  11. Vitamin C  –  100 mg
  12. Ginger  –  80 mg

One box of NOVOS Core contains 30 individual sachets of orange-flavored drink powder, to mix in your water, drinks or yogurt. One sachet per day. (We don’t use pills because the generous dosages we use would require 10 capsules.) Flavors are 100% natural and sweetened with natural, no-calorie Stevia.

Supported by the brightest scientific minds in human longevity.

“The NOVOS formulation is informed by science and is the current state-of-the-art in longevity supplements.”

Dr. Joao Pedro Magalhaes, PhD, Harvard Medical School Postdoc, Professor at the Institute of Aging and Chronic Disease, University of Liverpool

“What really impressed me about NOVOS was both the comprehensiveness of their analysis of aging research to design their product and their acknowledgment that aging is a complex process that is very unlikely to be successfully addressed with a single compound.”

Dr. Pamela Maher, PhDSalk Institute for Biological Studies

“The NOVOS Core supplement formulation is founded on the latest peer reviewed scientific research and has been reviewed by scientists within the aging research community to ensure the most effective and safest ingredients.”

Dr. Oliver Medvedik, PhD. Harvard Medical School Postdoc, Director of the Kanbar Center for Biomedical Engineering at The Cooper Union

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