NOVOS Face Age Test

How Old Do I Look?

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence To Visually Measure Your Facial Age

NOVOS’ algorithms are based on Deep Learning and mimic human perception of aging. The algorithm has been trained on 12 million images and validated by human dermatological experts. This service is free as part of NOVOS being a Public Benefit Corporation, and does not require an app download.

Although accurate in most cases, it’s not perfect. Lighting conditions, camera quality, camera angle, lack of sleep, dehydration and other variables can impact your scores.

Your face should be centered similarly to how the model in the example below is shown. Make sure it is well lit from the front. Move hair back as applicable, remove any glasses, extensive make-up or mask, and for this photo only, don’t smile.

The NOVOS Face Age test will provide you with an email that contains 7 outputs:

  1. How Old Do I Look? Perceived Facial Age
  2. Perceived Eye Age
  3. Eye Bag Score
  4. Facial Wrinkle Score
  5. Facial Uniformity Score
  6. Facial Pore Score
  7. Facial Redness

NOVOS FaceAge is best used in combination with NOVOS Core.

NOVOS does not use your images for anything other than outputting your results. In exchange for the Facial Age results, you agree to be added to the NOVOS Longevity Newsletter, which features the latest science to slow down aging. You can unsubscribe at any time. For more information, visit NOVOS’ privacy policy.

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