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The 7 Biggest Longevity Myths

4m read

Longevity, or our healthspan and lifespan, has been a topic of interest for people for a very long […]

NOVOS Core: The Best Longevity Supplement Formulation Available

11m read

NOVOS Core is the best longevity supplement formulation on the market. The holistic combination of our formulation approach, […]

Topical Skincare Ingredients for Younger Looking Skin

As we age, our skin can start to show signs of wear and tear, such as fine lines, […]

Why Do We Age? How Can We Live Longer?

Why are we mortal? What is it about the process of aging that prevents any single body from […]

How To Create The Best, Science-Based Anti-Aging Supplement?

What is the science behind some of the most interesting supplements to slow down aging? And how are […]

60 Top Tips to Live Longer, Doctor-Approved

How much are you doing to slow down your aging and maximize your lifespan and health span? Lots […]

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The 7 Biggest Longevity Myths

Longevity, or our healthspan and lifespan, has been a topic of interest for people for a very long […]

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What To Consider When Shopping For a Biological Age Clock or Epigenetic Test

Learn what to look for when evaluating epigenetic and biological age clocks. […]

8m read | NOVOS

Are Caffeine And Coffee Good Or Bad For My Health and Longevity?

Caffeine is a stimulant that has been shown to improve mental alertness, cognitive function, and physical performance. Caffeine […]

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Mitochondria and Their Role in Aging

Mitochondria are organelles responsible for energy production, and their dysfunction is linked to aging. Research is focusing on […]

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Statistically Significant Reduction of Biological Pace of Aging: Case Study on NOVOS Core + Boost

NOVOS initiated a case study from February 2022 to August 2022. For the study, 12 participants were provided […]

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