Longevity Science

8m read | NOVOS

Longevity and Healthspan: The Role of Genetics and Family History

Have you ever wondered why some people live longer than others? While a healthy lifestyle is essential to promoting longevity and healthspan, genetics and family history also play a crucial […]

9m read | NOVOS

Understanding How Drugs and Alcohol Impact Longevity

Longevity is a desirable goal for many people. It is not just about living long, but also living a healthy life. The concept of healthspan, which refers to the length […]

7m read | NOVOS

Positive Relationships, Close Friends, and Their Impacts on Longevity

As humans, we are social creatures and have a fundamental need for social connections. Positive relationships with close friends and family can have a profound impact on our mental and […]

6m read | NOVOS

Environment and Aging: How Your Surroundings Can Affect Your Longevity

Living in different environments, such as urban, suburban, or rural, as well as the characteristics of those living environments, can significantly impact longevity. Additionally, environmental factors such as air quality […]

3m read | NOVOS

What Is Immune Senescence, What Is Inflammaging, and How Do They Impact Aging?

Immune senescence and inflammaging are two important processes related to aging that have significant implications for human health. This article explores what these processes are, how they relate to aging, […]

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