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The ultimate annual longevity package

NOVOS Age + Boost + Core

Make it your best year yet with the NOVOS Longevity Kit. Start off with NOVOS Age, the most accurate and actionable biological age test available. Take NOVOS Core & Boost daily, which together are the most powerful formulation to address the 10 root causes of aging. NOVOS will be with you during your journey by providing free scientific content, tips, guides, and more.

  • Age contains 3 tests in 1 to track your pace of aging (with Duke & Columbia Universities’ DunedinPACE clock), biological age (epigenetic clock collaborated on by Harvard scientists), and telomere length.
  • Core contains 12 highly-effective longevity ingredients in one convenient daily drink mix. Zero calorie, all natural, vegan, and gluten free. 2 flavor options: Orange and unflavored.
  • Boost contains NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), a potent longevity booster ingredient.
  • Start your Longevity Journey with the most powerful longevity formulations and testing kit available, and save money by purchasing as a kit.

The kit includes everything you need for one year: 1 NOVOS Age + 12 boxes of Core + 12 bottles of Boost, plus get 2 extra bottles of Boost for free.

$1,684 annually (=$4.61 per day)
Total savings of $589 versus a la carte.

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NOVOS’ patent-pending formulations are the only products on the market to target the 10 root causes of aging

Promote Optimal Cognition

Ingredients to improve your memory, focus, and mood

Improve Skin Health

Ingredients to tighten and brighten your skin

Increase Energy

Ingredients to help you feel more revitalized

Support Balanced Mood

Ingredients to help you reduce stress and feel more calm

Powerful ingredients, proven science

Fisetin has shown to extend lifespan in animals. Fisetin helps the body to manage senescent cells, and can combat inflammaging at the cellular level.

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People who supplement with magnesium have shown to have less DNA damage. Magnesium supports a healthy metabolism and targets inflammation at the cellular level.

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Glycine has shown to extend lifespan in different species. In humans, higher glycine levels are associated with heart health, combating inflammaging at the cellular level, and supporting glucose metabolism.

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Large studies found that people who take glucosamine live longer. Glucosamine intake was also associated with better heart health. In animals, glucosamine extends lifespan. Glucosamine targets inflammaging at the cellular level, and helps the body to manage oxidative stress and support autophagy.

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Pterostilbene, a natural substance found in blueberries, is better absorbable and lasts longer in the body than resveratrol, a compound that has shown to extend lifespan in different species. Pterostilbene can target inflammaging at a cellular level and contribute to a healthy epigenome and DNA stability.

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Hyaluronic acid can reduce the appearance of wrinkles when taken orally. A component of hyaluronic acid, acetyl-glucosamine, has shown to extend lifespan in animals.

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Rhodiola extends lifespan in different species. Substances in Rhodiola, like salidroside, have shown to support nerve regeneration in animals, normal sirtuin and AMPK function in human cells, and help the body to manage senescent cells.

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Theanine is one of the substances responsible for the healthy effects of green tea. Theanine can extend lifespan in different organisms. It can upregulate aging-protective proteins, like FOXO1 and antioxidative enzymes and can help the body to manage crosslinks.

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Various studies found that people who take micro doses of lithium live longer. In human studies, supplementing with microdosed lithium supports healthy brain aging. Micro doses of lithium extend lifespan in multiple species.

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Vitamin C can help to maintain a proper epigenome, especially in combination with another longevity ingredient, alpha- ketoglutarate.

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Malate is a natural substance found in apples which has shown to extend lifespan in organisms. Malate can support healthy energy levels in humans.

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Ginger can protect cells against damage and has various longevity-promoting effects. In humans, ginger can target inflammaging at a cellular level, can help to maintain proper glucose levels and support a healthy metabolism, and help to mitigate oxidative damage in cells.

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Alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) extends lifespan and healthspan in different species. In humans, alpha-ketoglutarate has shown to protect cells against damage and stressors. Alpha-ketoglutarate supports a healthy metabolism and a healthy epigenome.

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NOVOS Boost is made of 1 powerful ingredient that targets multiple causes of aging. When used in combination with NOVOS Core, this unique approach is backed by longevity experts from Harvard, MIT, and other leading researchers.

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NOVOS Core + Boost is a synergistic combination of 13 natural ingredients backed by 300+ studies that target the 10 root causes of aging. NOVOS helps your body build the best possible foundation for a longer lifespan. Learn about the science that is backed by longevity experts from Harvard, MIT, and more.

NOVOS Age: 3 Biological Age Results

Use NOVOS Age to understand how your longevity lifestyle is impacting your rate of aging, and in the longer-term, to see how your biological age and telomeres are impacted.

DunedinPACE Rate of Aging Clock


The DunedinPACE Value is a measurement of your rate of aging. DunedinPACE is the most relevant epigenetic clock for gaining a better understanding of your biological aging process. This result is the primary emphasis of NOVOS Age.

Biological Age Clock


Your biological age is how old your cells, organs, and body are biologically. This clock looks at all the damage and changes that cells have accumulated in their DNA’s epigenome, which you should compare versus your chronological age over the long term (i.e., look for changes over years, not months).

Telomere Length

Test Result #3 – TERTIARY METRIC

Your telomeres are the endcaps of your chromosomes that protect your DNA. With each cell division, and with age, your telomeres shorten. Telomeres that become too short can be an indicator of a higher likelihood for certain diseases of aging. It is possible to slow down your telomeres’ shortening and even lengthen them via supplementation, diet, and lifestyle.

The DunedinPACE Rate of Aging Clock offered in NOVOS Age is the most advanced, third generation epigenetic clock on the market, and is the most accurate way currently available to detect changes in your biological aging. In fact, the innovative algorithms use machine learning to improve. That means, each time you test, the clocks become increasingly accurate.

By tracking your rate of aging, you’ll be able to see how your lifestyle is impacting your biological age in significantly less time than by looking at your biological age: it is more sensitive to lifestyle, and changes more quickly.

During your Longevity Journey, NOVOS will provide you with valuable information and insights on how to slow your aging process. This epigenetic aging report is a great and important start.

Prolong your lifespan with our expertise

Our world-renowned team of longevity scientists and doctors developed innovative supplements to slow your aging and unlock your vitality. With ongoing, cutting-edge research, we continue to offer you new possibilities.

“I’m impressed by… how they approach aging as a complex phenomenon — aiming at all pathways and hallmarks of aging simultaneously.”

Dr. George Church, PhD — Harvard Medical School & MIT Professor

“What really impressed me about NOVOS was the comprehensiveness of their analysis of aging research to design their product.”

Dr. Pamela Maher — University of British Columbia

“The NOVOS formulation is informed by science and is the current state-of-the-art in longevity supplements.”

Dr. J. Pedro Magalhães — Harvard Medical School

“NOVOS Core… has been reviewed by scientists within the aging research community to ensure the most effective and safest ingredients.”

Dr. Oliver Medvedik — Harvard Medical School

When will you see results?

Consistent, daily use of NOVOS Core + Boost impacts the major hallmarks of aging. This will help you achieve your maximum lifespan potential, which is the key long-term benefit that you may not perceive on a daily basis. Most users report seeing or feeling a noticeable benefit within 30 days. However, every body is different, and the benefits you see or feel (skin health, energy, sleep, mood, etc.) should be considered as added benefits. As long as you continue your daily intake, the beneficial nutrients are doing their work inside to optimize your health.

2 Weeks
Many users report being more energized, feeling calm, or sleeping better. Others experience improved cognition. It's normal to not perceive benefits yet.
6 Weeks
Many users report visible signs of skin improvements. Starting to revitalize cellular health.
3 Months
Further improvements in skin texture and look, improved metabolism. Health continues to optimize.
1 Year
Continuously increased general well-being and slower pace of aging.
5 Years
Compounded benefits from improving health and slowing down aging can be apparent; increased youthfulness.

NOVOS takes the most comprehensive approach to address aging at its root causes, unlocking the healthiest, longest lifespan possible

NOVOS Core Longevity Supplements With 1-2 Ingredients NR, NMN, and NAD+ Brands Anti-Aging Beauty Brand Supplements
Contains 12 longevity ingredients, not just one or two
Targets 10+ aging pathways, instead of none, or just one or two
Ingredients work synergistically for maximum impact, targeting multiple aging pathways optimally
Formulated by the world's top longevity scientists u0026amp; medical doctors Rarely
Backed by 300+ of the latest scientific studies on animals and humans Rarely Rarely
Beauty benefits beyond longevity, such as reduced wrinkles and more youthful skin
Cognitive benefits beyond longevity, such as improved mood and cognition
Supports healthy brain, heart, muscle, and joint function along with normal levels of blood sugar and lipids as you age
Sufficient ingredient dosage to maximize efficacy (contains an equivalent of 12+ pills worth of ingredients)
Patent-pending formulation
Natural, high-quality, and trustworthy ingredients

Frequently asked

See Orange nutrition label and Unflavored nutritional label. The primary longevity ingredients are:

  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium Malate
  • Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate
  • Glycine
  • Glucosamine Sulfate
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • L-Theanine
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Fisetin
  • Gingerol
  • Pterostilbene
  • Micro-dosed Lithium

Other natural ingredients: Erythritol*, Malic Acid, Natural Flavors, Sodium Bicarbonate, Silicon Dioxide, Calcium Silicate*, Stevia*

*ingredients only in Orange, not in Unflavored

NOVOS Core is calorie free and sugar free. No artificial colors, preservatives or additives. Suitable for vegans. Non-GMO.

The focus is on the long-term. Remember that the key benefits of achieving maximum lifespan potential may not be perceived on a daily basis, as it impacts biology over time with consistent daily use on your Longevity Journey.

Many customers report seeing or feeling a noticeable benefit within 30 days. However, everyone’s body is different, and the benefits you may see or feel (skin health, energy, mood, etc.) are often just the most visceral ones.

Some people feel results in as a little as 7 days due to specific benefits like skin health and cognitive support.

Other longer term benefits like mitochondrial health and genomic stability may take longer, or you may not notice anything at all. That’s completely normal.

As long as you continue your daily intake, those beneficial nutrients are doing their work inside to optimize your health.

NOVOS Core is meant for early-adult, middle-aged and elderly people. It is developed to slow down aging, a process that already starts from a young age. The most pronounced short-term effects will be noticed by older people, while the greatest long-term longevity benefits will come from starting at a younger age.

NOVOS Core is free from:

  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Soy
  • GMOs
  • Nuts
  • Sugar
  • Calories
  • Shellfish
  • Sesame
  • Glyphosate/AMPA
  • Binders
  • Preservatives
  • 14 classes of allergens defined by European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA).

It adheres to the following diets:

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Ketogenic
  • Gluten Free
  • Mediterranean
  • NOVOS Longevity Diet

NOVOS Core is safe to take with other supplements.

There are no known contraindications with NOVOS Core and any over-the-counter or prescription medications, though we encourage you to double check with your physician before adding our product to your regimen.

If you are already taking any ingredients found in the NOVOS Core formulation, such as magnesium or Vitamin C, you can consider discontinuing those supplements and simplifying your routine with NOVOS Core.

A small percentage of users (less than 3%) report that they feel stomach discomfort when they first start taking NOVOS. This is normal: when a new food is introduced into your routine, it can take time for your microbiome and digestive tract to adapt.

If this is the case for you, we recommend the following:

  1. Make sure you only take NOVOS Core on a full stomach.
  2. Split up your NOVOS Core into 2 to 3 servings. Pour 1/3 to 1/2 of the powder into your drink with each meal.
  3. Dilute NOVOS Core in a larger serving of water (16-24 ounces, rather than 8 ounces).

Try steps 1-3 for a few weeks. In 90% of cases, the issue resolves itself. If it does not for you, feel free to contact our customer care team.

To our knowledge, we don’t see a problem with taking NOVOS during pregnancy. However, given that this is a very critical period in the development of your child, and given that there could be unknown unknowns, we recommend that you err on the side of caution. That is, we advise against taking NOVOS while pregnant (and while breastfeeding).

Short answer: no. No refrigeration needed. Storing at room temperature in a cool, dry environment is perfect for NOVOS Core.

For monthly subscriptions, your order will contain 1 box of NOVOS Core. For prepaid options (6 or 12 months), you will receive all 6 or 12 boxes upfront.

If you have active subscriptions to any NOVOS products, you can change the renewal date, cancel or renew your subscriptions at any time, as often as you would like. If you wish to choose a different renewal date or cancel a subscription, it must be done at least 2 business days prior to the renewal date, otherwise the transaction will be considered complete.

Keep in mind that every person’s body is different, and the short-term benefits you see or feel (skin health, energy, sleep, mood, etc.) should be considered as added benefits. As long as you continue your daily intake, the beneficial nutrients are doing their work inside to optimize your health. Consistent use is the key to slowing down your aging to be YoungerForLonger™.

US-based purchases: If you still wish to return your NOVOS products (Core and/or Boost), it must be within thirty (30) days and each product must be unopened (still sealed). We never charge consumers shipping fees as we pay for the costs, and we will provide a prepaid return shipping label, so there will be a deduction of $25 per transaction to cover the back and forth shipping costs. There will also be a restocking fee of $35 per transaction (deductions will not exceed the value of the order). If you would like a NOVOS credit instead of a refund to your original payment method, we will waive the shipping and restocking fees ($60). NOVOS credit must be used within 1 year of issuance. All purchases of NOVOS Age are final.

Non-US-based purchases: All international orders are final for all products. 

NOVOS is not responsible for any lost packages that were incorrectly addressed due to customer error. We generate shipping labels from the information the customer provides, so if you enter an incorrect or incomplete address (e.g., incorrect zip code, missing apartment/office number) and your package is lost, NOVOS is not responsible. We appreciate your understanding. 

If you input the incorrect address on your order and it has only just begun processing, try to cancel the order immediately by logging into your account. If you are unsure if this processed correctly, immediately email us at with the new address information. Then, place your order again using the correct address. However, once your package is processed and shipped, we cannot make any more modifications to your shipment.

We guarantee that our products will ship to you in excellent condition without any defects and we will replace the product free of charge within 30 days of purchase if the boxes or bottles come damaged. All NOVOS products undergo thorough quality assurance to ensure they meet our high standards. However, if you find a damaged or defective product upon arrival due to mishandling during shipping, you must submit a claim within 2 days of receiving your order. To create a claim, please email us at and include:

  • Your order/invoice number
  • Contact information
  • Description of defective products
  • Images of packaging, shipping box, and invoice

**Please keep all products and packaging as we may ask you to ship all defective products to us for additional inspection. If you do not complete this step, your claim may be denied.

This return policy applies only to purchases made through If you purchased NOVOS products through a third-party marketplace and want to make a return, please contact that third-party marketplace.

Yes, we ship NOVOS Core and NOVOS Boost to many countries. Currently, NOVOS Age is only available in the United States, which also applies to the NOVOS Longevity Kit since it includes NOVOS Age. We ship Core and Boost to:

  Australia (not all zip codes), Austria, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Denmark
  Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Japan
  Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway
  Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, San Marino, Singapore, Slovenia
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International shipping usually takes 7-10 business days, but can be faster or slower depending on many variables including location, custom delays, time of year, and more.

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Yes. While you can’t change the number of birthdays that have passed (chronological age), it is possible to slow down or accelerate your biological age based upon lifestyle changes.

Two general categories of biological age tests exist: 

– Tests that measure your rate of aging

– Tests that measure your biological age

Tests that measure your rate of aging determine how fast you are aging. 

Tests that measure your biological age determine how old you are biologically. 

You can compare the rate of aging to how fast a clock is ticking (how fast you are aging), and you can compare biological age to the time a clock displays (how old you really are).  

Changing the speed that the clock is ticking can be noticed in significantly less time than seeing change in a clock that has been ticking for decades. This is one of the multiple reasons we emphasize the Rate of Aging clock as the primary focus of Age (80% of the emphasis should be on this clock).

Biological age tests can be based off of the epigenome, proteome, microbiome, and more. Certain epigenetic tests are among the most accurate of all biological age tests, which is why NOVOS decided to offer these tests over alternatives.

To that point, there are already many epigenetic clocks in existence, and some  are better than others. 

Most epigenetic clocks measure biological age, to varying degrees of accuracy; very few of them measure the rate of aging. 

The DunedinPACE rate of aging clock is currently considered by many in the field to be the most relevant and accurate test available with regards to mortality and disease risk. 

It’s also the most actionable, since its outputs are based on your current lifestyle.

These are some of the reasons that we chose to offer the DunedinPACE clock to our customers. 

Your rate of aging is a measurement of how fast you age. It calculates how much you age biologically for each chronological year. 

The lower the value, the better. 

An average rate of aging would be a rate of one biological year for every chronological year you aged. If your rate of aging is lower than 1, you age slower than average.

For example, if your rate of aging is 0.9, you only aged 0.9 years biologically for each chronological year that passed, or 10% slower than average.

If your rate of aging is higher than 1, you age faster than an average person would be expected to age. 

For example, if your rate of aging is 1.2, you age biologically 1.2 years for each chronological year that passes, which is 20% faster than normal.

You want your rate of aging to be below 1; this means you’re aging more slowly than normal. 

The epigenetic rate of aging clock NOVOS uses has been developed by scientists from Duke University and Columbia University. The clock is called DunedinPACE. Multiple studies have been published about the DunedinPACE clock, including comparisons against other well-regarded epigenetic tests, in which DunedinPACE proved to be even more accurate.

Many experts in the field believe that DunedinPACE is currently the best clock available to measure your rate of aging. 

Besides the Rate of Aging clock, NOVOS Age also includes a biological age clock. 

The biological age clock determines how old you are biologically. 

If you are biologically older than your chronological age, this implies you have aged faster over the course of your lifetime. 

As a result, you could be at a higher risk of dying compared to someone with a lower biological age, or you could be at a higher risk of getting aging-related diseases and symptoms.

We emphasize risk, because we’re dealing with statistical probabilities. This risk can also be offset by making improvements to your lifestyle, via diet, activity, supplementation, sleep, stress management, etc., which we cover in our blog.

If your biological age is lower than your chronological age, this implies you have aged more slowly over the years. 

You could therefore have a lower risk of dying than someone with a higher biological age, or have a lower risk of aging-related diseases and symptoms.

It’s important to note that changes to your biological age will be more gradual than changes to your pace of aging, because the pace of aging measures your current speed, whereas your biological age measures a historical lifetime of aging.

Some may see changes in their biological age – either positive or negative – in very short timeframes (i.e., if they test every few weeks or months). These changes are most likely predominantly based on the error margins of the test and should not be interpreted literally.

Biological age tests are best looked at over the course of a year or more. You should accumulate a few results to see the overall trend relative to your chronological age.

In the meantime, focusing on your pace of aging will give you the appropriate guidance to know that what you’re doing is working.

The DunedinPACE clock is one of the most accurate epigenetic clocks. Nonetheless, it can be difficult to measure the impact of any single intervention, given the innumerable lifestyle factors that may counteract the positive effects on the clock.

For example, taking a supplement or exercising may have a positive impact on the clock that may be counteracted by other lifestyle variables (e.g., stress, sleep, diet, overindulging as a reward for exercising, other supplements, your microbiome, infections or activation of the immune system). In such a case, the net result is neutral or negative, meanwhile the wrong conclusion may be drawn – that the supplement or exercise did not confer any benefits.

This is even more the case for the biological age clock, which measures many forms of accumulated damage and lifestyle interventions you underwent throughout your life (including factors you were exposed to decades ago). 

Using this clock to measure whether one intervention (e.g., exercising more) changes the clock will be difficult in the short-term, given the clock is, in most cases, currently not accurate enough on an individual level (some studies, using dozens or hundreds of participants, can find effects of one or multiple interventions).  

Therefore, use the biological age clock to get an overview of all lifestyle interventions and habits accumulated over a lifetime. 

Use the rate of aging clock to get a general overview of your health and how fast you are aging right now, being mindful of the innumerable lifestyle and (epi)genetic factors that are playing a role.

We help you keep track of confounding factors by providing you with a short survey for you to complete with each NOVOS Age test. This will enable you to compare your lifestyle changes between tests in a more precise way than relying on your memory, and may help you make sense of your results.

Ideally, you get tested every year, at the same time, to minimize seasonal confounding factors and to have an insight on how you’re faring on your Longevity Journey.

Products proven to target the root causes of aging

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