Making the latest scientific advances in longevity accessible and achievable for all

NOVOS is the scientific leader in longevity with a mission to add a billion years of life to humanity by making the latest scientific advances in longevity accessible and achievable by all. Based on pioneering research, our longevity solutions are designed to help you slow down aging during your Longevity Journey. We’re committed to providing scientific evidence that empowers you to take control of your healthspan and lifespan.

We created NOVOS products in collaboration with leading scientists and medical doctors, and many of these experts are now part of our advisory board. We developed our synergistic blend of 12 ingredients for Core and the best quality NMN for Boost based on proven scientific evidence. The ingredients we chose for NOVOS formulations are based on the following criteria:


They have the ability to impact aging mechanisms (“hallmarks of aging”)

These aging mechanisms are epigenetic alterations, loss of proteostasis (protein accumulation inside and outside our cells), cellular senescence, mitochondrial dysfunction, genomic instability, deregulated nutrient sensing, altered intercellular communication (e.g., inflammation/inflammaging), and so on.


They impact multiple aging mechanisms at the same time

Ideally, each ingredient influences multiple aging mechanisms. For example, glycine has epigenetic effects but can also act as a chaperone, protecting proteins, helping the body to deal with protein accumulation (which is one of the reasons why we age). Glucosamine can improve mitochondrial health by inducing mitochondrial biogenesis, but can also support autophagy. In this way, combining such ingredients enables synergistic effects on the aging process.


They have been able to extend lifespan in various animal models, hinting at conserved evolutionary pathways

Ideally, the ingredients extend lifespan not in just one animal model, but in different species. If the compound extends lifespan in various different species, it’s more likely it will also work in humans. Examples are alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG), which extends lifespan in C elegans, fruit flies, and mice. Glycine can extend lifespan in C elegans and fruit flies, but also in mice and rats.


They are associated with reduced risk of different aging-related processes, hinting that they act on the underlying aging process

A substance that can improve various aging-related symptoms, for example by slowing down brain aging, improving heart health, and boosting metabolism, is likely to act on the underlying mechanism that unites all these aging-related afflictions. For example, pterostilbene can contribute to healthy brain aging and support a healthy sugar metabolism, while also improving cardiovascular function and contributing to a healthy inflammatory response.


They are associated with reduced risk of mortality in humans

Ideally, studies also show an association between reduced mortality in humans that take the supplement on a regular basis. For example, studies in the US and Europe have shown that glucosamine was only one of the few supplements associated with reduced mortality. People who took glucosamine also had significantly healthier hearts and blood vessels.


They are recognized as safe by FDA, EFSA and other organizations

Being recognized as safe by large institutional bodies like the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and EFSA (European Food Safety Agency) is another testimony to their safety.


They are nature-based

Ideally, they are nature-based and have been present alongside human evolution, and not novel man-made, lab-made molecules. All of the ingredients in NOVOS’ formulations are found in nature.


They are found in the human body, but levels decrease with age

Ideally, the substances are found in our bodies and their levels decline with age. This hints at their safety, and to the fact that their declining levels could play a role in accelerating (or contributing) to aging. Examples of molecules that are present at higher levels in young tissues but that decline with aging are alpha-ketoglutarate and glycine.


They have a (very) low side effect profile

The substances are known to cause very little side effects (if any), and no serious side effects, even at much greater dosages.


They have been used for many decades, or even centuries, to treat specific symptoms or afflictions in humans without serious side-effects

An example is glucosamine, that has been taken for decades to treat joint problems. Alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) is another example. This substance has been taken for many decades by athletes to improve energy levels without any significant side effects. Alpha-ketoglutarate has also been shown to slow aging and extend lifespan.

Based on the most current scientific research available

We believe in empowering you with credible scientific knowledge. We don’t make decisions based on popular trends or personal anecdotes, but instead rely on solid, replicated science, and conduct our own experiments for further validation. Longevity is a journey, not a trend.

Our Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of the world’s leading longevity scientists

We closely collaborate with the world’s leading longevity scientists. Our SAB includes biochemists, geneticists, and professors from Harvard, MIT, University of Liverpool, University of Washington, The Salk Institute, and other top universities and institutes around the world.

Dr. George Church, PhD

Harvard Medical School & MIT Professor

Dr. Pamela Maher, PhD

University of British Columbia, Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Dr. J Pedro de Magalhaes, PhD

Harvard Medical School, University of Liverpool

Dr. Matt Kaeberlein, PhD

Harvard Medical School & MIT Professor

Dr. Oliver Medvedik, PhD

Harvard Medical School, The Cooper Union

Dr. Avi Rosenbaum, PhD

Harvard Medical School

We realize that aging is a complex phenomenon needing ingredients to impact multiple aging pathways synergistically.

NOVOS is the first company to design formulations to simultaneously impact all 12 Hallmarks of aging – agreed by scientists to likely be the most effective way to make a notable impact on the aging process, as opposed to accounting for only one or two hallmarks at a time. Our formulations focus on the long-term, while also benefiting the short-term.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.