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The most thoroughly formulated
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The only formula that targets the 9 causes of aging

NOVOS Core leverages current science to deliver the most effective longevity product on the market


During aging, mitochondria – the power plants of our cells – become dysfunctional.

Addressed by
Malate  |  Glycine
Alpha-ketoglutarate  |  Fisetin
Glucosamine  |  Vitamin C

Senescent cells are former healthy cells that stopped dividing and secrete substances that damage healthy surrounding cells.

Addressed by

Over time, more and more proteins accumulate inside and outside our cells, interfering with their proper functioning.

Addressed by
Lithium  |  Glycine
Glucosamine  |  Fisetin

When we get older, our cells become increasingly exposed to a hostile environment, characterized by inflammation, senescent cells, dysfunctional stem cells, and deleterious substances.

Addressed by
Ginger  |  Fisetin

During aging, our DNA becomes damaged, and telomeres become shorter and dysfunctional, especially in stem cells and fast-dividing cells.

Addressed by
Pterostilbene  |  Glucosamine

During aging, the epigenome – the molecular machinery that regulates our genes’ activity – becomes disorganized.

Addressed by
Lithium  |  Glycine
Alpha-ketoglutarate  |  Vitamin C
Ginger  |  Pterostilbene

As we age, the ends of DNA, known as telomeres, get shorter and cannot protect DNA any longer.

Addressed by
Lithium  |  Magnesium

During aging, our cells become less tuned to nutrient signals, which disrupts a cell’s ability to produce energy.

Addressed by
Fisetin  |  Pterostilbene

With age, stem cells become dysfunctional or die off, leading to our tissues being less replenished & maintained.

Addressed by
Glycine  |  Alpha-ketoglutarate

NOVOS is backed by
world-renowned scientists

from Harvard University, MIT, University of Washington, the Salk Institute, and more

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Dr George Church NOVOS Anti-aging


Harvard Medical School PhD

MIT & Harvard Professor of Health Science & Technology. Robert Winthrop Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School.


Harvard Medical School PhD

Professor at the University of Liverpool in England, studying aging & longevity at the genetic level.


Univ. of British Columbia PhD

Scientist at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. Focus on brain diseases, including Alzheimer’s.


Harvard Medical School PhD

Director of the Kanbar Center for Biomedical Engineering, Cooper Union.


  1. Formulated on the best science
  2. Based on the newest insights into aging
  3. Not an antioxidant, multivitamin or herb

What makes Novos Core different?


  • Targets multiple aging pathways
  • Enables synergistic effects on aging
  • Based on the latest science
  • Created by esteemed longevity scientists
  • Reduces wrinkles and improves skin health
  • Improves cognition
  • Uses sachets for maximum doses & convenience


  • Typically target only one aging pathway
  • Often minimal to no synergistic effects
  • Often rely on outdated insights
  • Often no collaboration with scientists
  • Mostly do not address skin health
  • Typically do not address cognition
  • Use capsules that often contain too little doses

Additional benefits
of Novos Core

Novos Core goes beyond lifespan & delivers benefits you’ll begin experiencing in weeks

Improve your Skin appearance

Ingredients that can reduce wrinkles and brighten your skin radiance

Improve your Energy

Ingredients that can make you feel less tired

Improve your Cognition + Mood

Ingredients that can improve your memory, concentration & mood

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