NOVOS Boost is made of one simple, yet incredibly powerful ingredient: NMN.

NOVOS Boost is high-purity NMN (> 99%), is not adulterated with other substances and is guided by world renowned longevity scientists on its Scientific Advisory Board.

One bottle of NOVOS Boost contains 60 x 125mg vegetarian capsules. We recommend starting with two capsules per day (250 mg x 30 days per bottle). For the best longevity effects, combine with NOVOS Core.

I follow Dr. David Sinclair's NMN research at Harvard and read his book, LIfespan. He made me into an NMN believer. And this is the best price I've been able to find from a legit company.

Jamie B.

I feel a subtle but real energy when I take Boost. It's not like a caffeine/stimulant feel, but it's there.

Gianni M.

I bought the whole package – Core & Boost – and so far after a month, I'm noticing subtle differences in the mirror and with my energy. It's definitely doing something!

Virginia G.
  • Boost NAD+
  • DNA & Cell Repair
  • Improve Metabolism
  • Increase Energy

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NOVOS Boost contains 30 days of 250 mg NMN (125mg x 60 servings) and impacts aging via:

  • Mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Stem cell exhaustion
  • Epigenetic alterations
  • Altered intercellular communication

NOVOS Boost may additionally provide the following benefits:

  • A boost to NAD+, leading to…
    • Increased energy
    • Improved metabolism
    • Better DNA & cell repair

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