Formulations aimed at the root causes of aging

Using nature-based ingredients shown to address aging from the inside out

Science makes the Difference

Most anti-aging companies lack understanding of what causes aging. At best, they may address signs of aging, without impacting underlying causes.

NOVOS is the only company to target the 12 causes of aging using multiple ingredients – an approach backed by top scientists.

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What Causes Aging?

What happens in your body that leads to the problems of aging? Latest research uncovered 10 key mechanisms.


NOVOS and its team of expert scientists and medical doctors poured through research to select the most promising longevity ingredients.

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The scientific approach of NOVOS formulations

NOVOS and its team of scientists & medical doctors continually perform thorough research to select the best ingredients in longevity.

Review Scientific Literature
Review Scientific Literature

We follow up with the latest scientific studies and findings in the aging field to constantly improve our products.

Top Longevity Scientists
Top Longevity Scientists

We meet on a regular basis with the world’s leading aging scientists. In fact, several are on our scientific advisory board.

Holistic Ingredients
Holistic Ingredients

We realize that aging is a complex phenomenon needing ingredients to impact multiple aging pathways synergistically.

Formulated by world-renowned scientists

Harvard University
University of Washington
University of Liverpool

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