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Scientific studies done on NOVOS Formulations

Study 1: NOVOS Core improves skin suppleness in humans

Participants who took NOVOS Core for 6 months all showed improvements in skin firmness as measured by an indentometer. 

An indentometer is a device that measures skin suppleness and firmness. 

Besides these objective measurements, participants also mentioned noticeable improvements in their skin, such as improved elasticity, smoothness, and firmness. 


The study was a small pilot study, done in 4 patients. The device used to test is a state-of-the-art device used for scientific studies.

Gray bars show skin firmness before taking NOVOS (the higher the bar, the less firm the skin is). Orange bars show skin firmness after taking NOVOS 6 months (the lower the bar, the more firm the skin).

NOVOS users saw a minimum improvement of 12%, max of 40% and an average of 22% in skin firmness. 

NOVOS is planning to conduct an additional and more extensive dermatological study with more participants.

Ingredients improving skin health

These results on skin health are not that surprising given NOVOS Core contains various longevity ingredients that are also known to improve skin health, such hyaluronic acid, alpha ketoglutarate, glycine, vitamin C, and glucosamine. 

Oral hyaluronic acid improves skin health and reduces wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is a component of the extracellular matrix, the “glue” that keeps skin cells sticking together. 

Alpha ketoglutarate improves skin stem cell health, and plays a role in collagen production. Alpha ketoglutarate also works together with vitamin C, given vitamin C also improves collagen production. Additionally, alpha ketoglutarate and vitamin C both work synergistically to improve the epigenome, including that of skin cells. Alpha ketoglutarate can also extend lifespan.

Glucosamine is a component of the extracellular matrix, and glycine is an important building block of collagen. 

These are some examples of how ingredients in NOVOS can improve skin health. 

Not just addressing signs of aging, but the underlying causes

What is even more important is that all these ingredients inhibit fundamental aging mechanisms and have shown to extend lifespan in various species.  

In other words, NOVOS Core is the only skin supplement that actually addresses the root causes of aging, including skin aging.

Study 2: NOVOS Core significantly reduces DNA damage in human cells after irradiation

A study found that a combination of the 12 ingredients in NOVOS Core and the nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) in NOVOS Boost significantly protects cells against DNA damage over a wide dose range. 

The study was done by Ichor Life Sciences, an independent third-party US-based lab specialized in DNA damage, cellular senescence, and aging.

In the study, HUVEC cells (human umbilical vein endothelial cells) were treated with the 13-ingredient NOVOS formulation and then irradiated. Irradiation typically causes pronounced DNA damage. However, the cells exposed to NOVOS before irradiation had significantly less DNA damage after being exposed to radiation, as measured via 8-hydroxy-2′-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG or 8-oxodG) levels. 8-OHdG is a measure of oxidative DNA damage. When DNA gets damaged, 8-OHdG is formed. 

Treating cells with NOVOS was able to reduce DNA damage as measured by 8-OHdG by up to 77% and on average 68% compared to controls:

Irradiated cells treated with the NOVOS formulation (orange bars; different concentrations of NOVOS ranging from 50.0uM to 0.2 uM) showed significantly less DNA damage (as measured by 8-OHdG levels; the lower the bars, the less DNA damage) versus irradiated cells that weren’t treated with the NOVOS formulation (gray bars).

Researchers demonstrated that the NOVOS formulation protects against DNA damage over a wide range of doses, an effect mediated by DNA protective effects of multiple NOVOS ingredients at different doses and synergy between ingredients.

Study 3: NOVOS ingredients demonstrate synergistic senostatic effects on senescent human cells

This study was conducted at the Ageing Research Laboratories at Newcastle University (UK), specialized in cellular senescence and aging. The study was done under the guidance of Professor Von Zglinicki, Professor for Cell Gerontology.

The study found that the combination of multiple NOVOS ingredients could help the body better deal with senescent cells.

Senescent cells occur during aging and play an important role in the aging process. These cells accumulate various forms of damage, including DNA and epigenetic damage, and secrete substances that harm healthy surrounding cells. 

Research has shown that countering senescent cells using senostatic drugs (which suppress senescent cells) can support the body to deal better with aging. In the study, researchers using cell size as marker for the senescent phenotype found that specific NOVOS ingredients had a senostatic effect, while not impacting normal, non-senescent cells:

The cell size of senescent cells is reduced with NOVOS ingredients (orange line, on the right). Normal cells are not impacted (blue line), demonstrating that the combination of specific NOVOS ingredients targets senescent cells and not normal healthy cells.

A senostatic effect comprising a reduction in senescent cell size has also been observed with rapamycin, a prescription drug associated with increased longevity in multiple animal models:

The cell size of senescent cells is reduced by rapamycin (orange graph, on the right). Rapamycin, not being a senolytic, has however senomorphic effects.

Normal non-senescent cells were not impacted by the NOVOS formulation, demonstrating that specific NOVOS ingredients used in a synergistic combination can impact senescent cells while not impacting healthy cells — a common pitfall of “senolytic” molecules which seek to destroy senescent cells. 

190+ Studies Supporting NOVOS Selection of Ingredients

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