Improve Cognition and Mood With NOVOS, A Novel Anti-Aging Supplement

You are what you think.

Increase the speed of your thoughts, increase your focus, improve calmness, and boost your memory with these ingredients found in NOVOS Core:


Fisetin is a substance found in fruit like strawberries. 

Studies show that fisetin can improve cognitive functioning and improve brain health and brain aging (R,R,R)

Fisetin also clears away senescent cells and can extend lifespan (R,R,R). 

Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola rosea is a plant used by indigenous populations in northern Europe and Asia for centuries to improve cognitive functioning.

Rhodiola can improve concentration and memory (R,R,R). Specific substances in Rhodiola, like salidroside, have shown nerve and brain cells to regenerate themselves better (R,R,R).

Rhodiola also extends lifespan in various organisms (R,R,R,R).

Low-dose lithium

Lithium induces many beneficial changes in the brain. It can help the brain to age in a healthier way, and also contribute to a healthy mood.

Even in very low doses (called microdosed lithium), it can improve calmness and stabilize mood in some people.

Microdosed lithium has been correlated with longer lifespans and improved brain aging.


Ginger is a spice used for thousands of years. Besides protecting your brain cells, ginger can boost your cognition, and enhance learning (R,R,R).


Magnesium is a mineral that occurs naturally in your body. 

Magnesium enables brain cells to fire properly, and helps hundreds of different proteins to carry out their tasks in the brain.

Magnesium helps improve memory and learning (R,R), not to mention, sleep, which further contributes to better memory and learning.

Extra magnesium can improve cognitive performance, while also contributing to more relaxed feelings and calmness.

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