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What Makes The Best Anti-Aging Supplement?



Do you know what makes for the best anti-aging supplement?

It’s one that acts on many aging mechanisms. Not just one or two.

Aging is caused by a complex web of biological mechanisms.

Addressing only one of these mechanisms will barely put a dent in the process.

However, addressing multiple mechanisms simultaneously will make an impact, as the synergistic effects are greater than the sum of the parts.

Unfortunately, most “anti-aging supplements” only act on one aging mechanism, and therefore don’t exploit the synergistic effects that are needed to have a real impact on aging.

Targeting one aging mechanism is not enough

Many anti-aging supplements are for example antioxidants that intend to reduce oxidative stress (most antioxidants do not slow down aging however). Or, they are NAD boosters that work towards increasing NAD metabolism.

However, with this approach, they are not addressing the many other reasons why we age.

The best anti-aging supplement is one that acts on numerous aging mechanisms, such as epigenetic dysregulation, mitochondrial dysfunction, accumulation of proteins, DNA damage, and so on.

If you have an anti-aging supplement that only focuses on one mechanism, let’s say mitochondrial dysfunction, you are not addressing other important aging mechanisms, like epigenetic dysregulation or accumulation of proteins.

Such a suboptimal “anti-aging” supplement, even if it could improve mitochondrial health, will have little impact on extending lifespan given it’s not addressing the other facets of the aging process.

Compare the aging body with a worn-down house. Only fixing the gutter won’t do much if you also don’t repair the flooded cellar, the broken windows, the leaky roof, and so on.

Targeting aging from multiple sides

An effective, well formulated anti-aging supplement needs to contain substances that act on different aging mechanisms, and this in a synergistic way.

Take for example alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG). This substance can help to maintain the epigenome, but can also improve mitochondrial health.

Furthermore, AKG can be made significantly more powerful when combined with other substances.

For example, AKG can work together with additional substances that also improve mitochondrial health, like fisetin and malate, or those that improve the epigenome, like NMN and glycine.

But, addressing the epigenome and mitochondria is not enough. You also need to tackle various other aging mechanisms, like protein accumulation and DNA damage.

For this, other anti-aging substances need to be added, like lithium which can reduce accumulation of proteins by stimulating autophagy – the digestion of proteins, or acetyl-glucosamine, which can also reduce protein accumulation, or magnesium, which can help stabilize the DNA.

The best anti-aging supplement

The best anti-aging supplement contains not just one or two substances that focus on one or two aging mechanisms (like mitochondrial health or the NAD+ metabolism), but contains many substances that act on many aging pathways in a synergistic way.

And of course, such an anti-aging supplement should be based on the best and most convincing science. What science that might be for each ingredient, you can find out here.

That’s why we have created NOVOS Core, a nutraceutical that contains 12 science-based, synergistic ingredients to slow down aging via 9 aging mechanisms.

Learn more about NOVOS here

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