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Why Do We Age? And What To Do About It?

why do we age

Why do we age?

In other words: What happens in our body year after year, decade after decade, that causes us to get wrinkles, stiffer blood vessels, less sharp eyes, and a slower brain?

And more importantly, what can we do about it? How do NOVOS Core’s ingredients slow down the root causes of aging?

NOVOS Core‘s 12 ingredients have a multitude of effects on your cells and organs, via aging mechanisms that include epigenetic dysregulation, mitochondrial dysfunction, accumulation of proteins, and 6 others.

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Mainly, they will impact important aging mechanisms, such as:

Epigenetic dysregulation

The epigenome is the “on-off switch” of our genes, determining which genes are activated or deactivated. The older we get, the more this process gets dysregulated. NOVOS Core’s ingredients like lithium, alpha-ketoglutarate, glycine, pterostilbene, vitamin C and fisetin positively impact the epigenome.

Learn more about the role of the epigenome in aging here.

Mitochondrial dysfunction

The mitochondria are the powerplants of our cells. The older we get, the more dysfunctional they become. Substances like alpha-ketoglutarate, malate, magnesium, glycine and pterostilbene improve mitochondrial functioning.

Learn more how mitochondrial dysfunction contributes to aging here.

Accumulation of proteins

During aging, more and more proteins accumulate inside and outside our cells, hindering the functioning of the cells, and even killing them. NOVOS’ ingredients like glucosamine, lithium, glycine and acetyl-glucosamine in hyaluronic acid can mitigate this process.

Learn more how accumulation of proteins contributes to aging here.

Genomic instability

When we get older, our DNA becomes damaged. Substances like magnesium help to stabilize the DNA, and substances like glucosamine, fisetin and pterostilbene can protect the DNA.

Learn more how genomic instability leads to aging here.

These are just 4 aging mechanisms. NOVOS Core is the only supplement that addresses the 12 Hallmarks of aging.

Most other supplements only focus on one hallmark of aging, like the epigenetic NAD+ sirtuin pathway. We do too, while also addressing 8 other hallmarks of aging.

Even more “anti-aging” supplements don’t address aging at all. They are based on outdated insights, like that aging is caused by free radicals which need to be neutralized by “antioxidants” – disclaimer: most antioxidants do not extend lifespan, learn more why here.

So we are happy to offer you a nutraceutical that addresses aging from many angles, targeting many aging mechanisms simultaneously and synergistically, with each ingredient having a lot of science behind it.

Learn more on how each ingredient addresses aging here.

Learn more about the anti-aging supplement NOVOS Core

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