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NOVOS Core vs. David Sinclair’s Tally Health Daily Vitality Blend: Which Is The Best Longevity Supplement Formulation?


Longevity supplements are rapidly growing in popularity as scientists better understand the underlying causes of aging and ways to interrupt or slow them down.

NOVOS is an innovator in the space, after being founded in 2019 with a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) team of six world-class longevity thought leaders out of Harvard Medical School, MIT, and the Salk Institute. NOVOS is the first company to address the 12 hallmarks of aging simultaneously with its patent-pending Core formulation, an achievement that other companies are only now beginning to attempt with weaker and less proven formulations.

In 2023, David Sinclair entered the market with Tally Health (note: David Sinclair and Tally Health have no affiliations with NOVOS). While we applaud Tally Health’s entry into the space, which will bring further awareness to consumers about the value and importance of addressing biological aging and longevity, we are convinced that NOVOS’ products, from NOVOS Core and NOVOS Boost to NOVOS Age, are more advanced and capable than all other offerings. Of course, this comes from our perspective, so we’ll leave it to you to decide what’s best for your individual needs. (To learn about NOVOS Age vs. Tally Health’s biological age tests, see this point-by-point comparison article).

In this article, we discuss the important considerations to make when deciding on which longevity supplements are right for you. We hope you agree that nothing on the market compares to NOVOS Core, whether it be efficacy, safety, formulation logic, price or company ethos.

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NOVOS Core is the best and most complete longevity supplement formulation on the market. The holistic combination of our formulation approach, our team of acclaimed longevity scientists, the scientific studies backing our evidence of efficacy, and our principles as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) give NOVOS Core a high standard that no other product matches.

Formulated by Team of Top Longevity Scientists

In the last few years, many respected scientists and medical doctors (MDs) have engaged the public to educate on the latest science and how to take our health into our own hands. A few of these people, such as Dr. David Sinclair and Dr. Peter Attia, have come to the forefront and demonstrated positive influence on health-minded consumers. 

While the public-facing MDs and PhDs are impressive, there are numerous other doctors and scientists who are also making significant strides in longevity science conducting clinical trials, publishing papers, and developing groundbreaking solutions in their clinics and laboratories.

When it comes to longevity science, NOVOS has assembled a powerhouse SAB of six of the world’s top longevity scientists from Harvard Medical School, MIT, and the Salk Institute. These scientists are a driving force in NOVOS’ formulations and research studies. They provide their expert perspectives on topics that we cover in the NOVOS blog and our video content.

Additionally, NOVOS regularly works with more than a dozen additional PhDs and MDs behind the scenes, offering supplementary support to those officially on our SAB. This is because we founded NOVOS as a team of longevity researchers and clinicians with a diversity of knowledge – not just one or two recognizable names. We will always leverage the latest and most advanced science and data to create the best solutions to extend and maximize human lifespan.

NOVOS Core vs. Tally Health Daily Vitality Blend

We cover the dimensions that matter when comparing longevity formulations.
AttributeNOVOS CoreTally Health Vitality BlendOther longevity formulations
Formulated by multiple of the world's top longevity scientists and MDsYes, formulated by a team of eight longevity PhDs, MDs & experts at Harvard, MIT, the Salk institute and other affiliations with vast range of longevity knowledgeNo, formulated by a single longevity PhDNo
Number of proven longevity ingredients12 of the most powerful in a synergistic mix5 in an untested mixTypically 1-3
Amount of longevity ingredients per serving6.9 grams2.1 grams250 mg - 1.0 gram
Contains equivalent of 19 pills worth of active ingredientsYes, replaces 19 pillsNo, only equivalent to 5 pillsNo, only equivalent to 1-3 pills typically
Studies proving out beneficial effects3 completed with notably positive results, multiple ongoingNo studiesNo studies
Case study showing statistically significant reductions in biological ageYesNoNo
Backed by 300+ scientific studies on animals and humansYesNoNo
Daily sachets?YesYesNo
Targets all 12 hallmarks of agingYes; NOVOS is the first company to target all 12 hallmarks simultaneouslyYes, but with fewer molecules and only 30% of the dosage of activesNo
Benefits beyond longevity, including beauty, cognition, and sleepYesNoNo
Patent-pending formulationYesNoNo
High-quality, natural, and trustworthy ingredientsYes, testing made publicly availableUncertainSometimes
Price per gram of actives$0.45 (6-month subscription)$1.55 (6-month subscription), plus requires paying for unproven aging clockVaries. Typically $1.25 to $5 or more
Can purchase one-off without long-term commitment or purchase of age testYes. 1-time standalone purchases available.No, must commit to minimum of 3 months and must buy age test.Yes

Approach to Formulation

NOVOS is the first company in the world to design a platform and formulation to simultaneously address 12 causes of aging. NOVOS continues to be the leading innovator because of the disciplined approach we take to our formulations.

NOVOS considers 10 criteria when formulating, as shared on our Approach page. Here’s a brief summary of how we think of each ingredient in our formulations:

  1. They have the ability to impact at least one, and ideally multiple, mechanisms of aging simultaneously
  2. They have been able to extend lifespan in various animal models, hinting at conserved evolutionary pathways
  3. They are associated with reduced risk of different aging-related processes and outcomes in humans and animals, indicating that they act on the underlying aging process
  4. They are associated with reduced risk of mortality in humans
  5. They are nature-based, found in food or human biology, but levels decline with age
  6. They have a very low side effect profile
  7. They have been used for decades or even centuries to treat specific symptoms or afflictions in humans without serious side effects
  8. They are considered safe by the FDA, EFSA, and other organizations

When it comes to making these determinations, we exercise great care. For instance, the ingredients included in NOVOS Core and NOVOS Boost are supported by more than 435+ research papers, all of which we publicly list on our website.

As part of the process, we carefully evaluate dosages, synergies across ingredients, and possible dysergies, based on the ingredients’ mechanisms of action, pharmacokinetics, and physiological effects.

We also thoroughly test our formulations on human volunteers prior to releasing to the public.

Ingredient Benefits

Each of NOVOS’ ingredients was chosen according to the above criteria, as well as the specific benefits found through scientific research. Here’s a quick summary per ingredient:

  1. Fisetin has shown to extend lifespan in animals. Fisetin helps the body to manage senescent cells, and can combat inflammaging at the cellular level.
  2. Glycine has shown to extend lifespan in different species. In humans, higher glycine levels are associated with heart health, combating inflammaging at the cellular level, and supporting glucose metabolism.
  3. Pterostilbene, a natural substance found in blueberries, is better absorbable and lasts longer in the body than resveratrol. It also has benefits for NAD+ production compared to resveratrol because of its methyl groups. Pterostilbene can target inflammaging at a cellular level and contribute to a healthy epigenome and DNA stability.

    A note on resveratrol: As highlighted on’s longevity news site, resveratrol is a controversial ingredient: “Resveratrol is used by many people for what they believe are its health and longevity benefits, and much of this belief stems from studies that were conducted by Dr. David Sinclair and his team at Harvard University in the mid-2000s. Since then the results of these studies have been called into question – with the argument being that resveratrol is incapable of activating sirtuin-1 in humans, that there’s no reliable data for it’s benefits, and that it might not only be ineffective, but could actually be harmful to humans.
  4. Rhodiola rosea extends lifespan in different species. Substances in Rhodiola, like salidroside, have shown to support nerve regeneration in animals, normal sirtuin and AMPK function in human cells, and help the body to manage senescent cells.
  5. Micro-dosed lithium. Various studies found that people who take micro doses of lithium live longer. In human studies, supplementing with micro-dosed lithium supports healthy brain aging. Micro doses of lithium extend lifespan in multiple species.
  6. Alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) extends lifespan and healthspan in different species. In humans, alpha-ketoglutarate has shown to protect cells against damage and stressors. Alpha-ketoglutarate supports a healthy metabolism and a healthy epigenome.
  7. Malate is a natural substance found in apples which has shown to extend lifespan in organisms. Malate can support healthy energy levels in humans. Note: Malate and Magnesium come together as Mg Malate.
  8. Glucosamine sulfate can help to lower aging-related low-grade inflammation (inflammaging) and can extend lifespan in various organisms. It can also mimic a calorie-restricted diet and induce the formation of new mitochondria.
  9. People who supplement with magnesium have shown to have less DNA damage. Magnesium supports a healthy metabolism and targets inflammation at the cellular level. Note: Malate and Magnesium come together as Mg Malate.
  10. Hyaluronic acid can reduce the appearance of wrinkles when taken orally. A component of hyaluronic acid, acetyl-glucosamine, has shown to extend lifespan in animals.
  11. L-Theanine is one of the substances responsible for the healthy effects of green tea. Theanine can extend lifespan in different organisms. It can increase the production of aging-protective proteins, like FOXO1 and antioxidative enzymes and can help the body to manage crosslinks.
  12. Vitamin C can help to maintain a proper epigenome, especially in combination with another longevity ingredient, alpha-ketoglutarate.
  13. Ginger can protect cells against damage and has various longevity-promoting effects. In humans, ginger can target inflammaging at a cellular level, can help to maintain proper glucose levels and support a healthy metabolism, and help to mitigate oxidative damage in cells
  14. In humans, nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) increases levels of NAD+, which is needed for proper DNA repair and to maintain the epigenome. NMN has shown to support a healthy metabolism in humans, and improve muscle strength and performance in the elderly. In animals, NMN slows down various aging processes. (Note: NMN is contained in NOVOS Boost).

Real World Benefits

NOVOS Core is the world’s most studied and validated formulation for addressing the 12 hallmarks of aging. We’ve already established a strong body of evidence at third-party independent labs that demonstrates how the patent-pending Core formulation performs and that evidence continues to grow with ongoing studies.

DNA DamageIn a human in vitro study conducted at an independent lab that specializes in aging research, cells that were treated with NOVOS and exposed to irradiation exhibited up to 77% less DNA oxidation than untreated cells. The laboratory declared that this was by far the best result they had seen after having done millions of dollars worth of experiments on pharmaceuticals and natural ingredients, including those contained in NOVOS but tested in isolation. This is clear evidence in favor of the synergistic properties of the Core formulation vs. the ingredients on their own. Learn more here.

In another study that is currently ongoing, NOVOS is showing promising results for protecting DNA from double strand breaks when exposed to potent chemotherapeutics. Subscribe to our free newsletter for updates when this study is complete.

Cellular Senescence In a study conducted at the University of Newcastle in the UK, NOVOS was compared to rapamycin, the gold standard prescription longevity drug. The study found that both NOVOS’ formulations and rapamycin exhibited a senostatic effect on senescent cells, both reducing the size of the senescent cells and preventing their spread. The effect size for NOVOS’ formulations was shown to be at comparable levels to rapamycin. Learn more here.

Human Case StudyIn a case study of NOVOS Core and Boost, participants (half male, half female, aged 39 to 76) submitted blood for an epigenetic pace of aging clock called Principal Component DunedinPACE – considered by many scientists to be the best, most accurate and precise of all biological age clocks. Participants then took standard doses of NOVOS Core (1 packet) and Boost (250 mg) every day for six months and were instructed to not make any other changes to their daily routines. Subjects were tested again and 73% experienced statistically significant reductions in their biological pace of aging, by as much as 14%. Equally noteworthy was that zero participants had accelerations in their pace of aging despite lifestyle stressors. The study’s p-value = 0.001, indicating only one in 1,000 chance of coincidence. Learn more here.

Skin HealthIn a small pilot study, four participants (two male, two female) in their 60s had each of their facial cheeks analyzed for skin firmness using a dermatological indentometer device. Participants then took NOVOS Core and Boost for six months, after which they were tested again using the same device. All participants experienced improvements in their skin firmness for all samples, ranging from a minimum of 12% to a maximum of 44% and an average of 22%. Learn more here.

Value for Money

Price is an important consideration when choosing longevity supplements as the absolute costs, per day costs, and costs per grams of ingredients will all differ by product.

NOVOS Core, the foundation of the NOVOS longevity supplementation routine, contains 6.9 grams of active longevity ingredients. Compare that to most other longevity supplements that contain only 100 mg and to 2.1 grams in Tally Health’s formula – it’s quickly apparent how much power and value you get out of the NOVOS Core formulation.

On a per-gram basis, Core’s twelve ingredients cost only $0.45 with a six-month subscription, and as low as $0.38 with a 12-month subscription. Compare that to Tally Health’s five ingredient formulation’s price of $1.55 per gram on a six-month subscription, which also requires that you buy his age test kit on top of that, and the cost savings are obvious.

Also consider how much would it cost for you to do-it-yourself a version of NOVOS Core through Amazon a la carte purchasing. An Amazon stack would cost you 76% more than a 12-month subscription to Core: $139.42 vs. our low, monthly effective price of $79. Not to mention, it would require sorting through 19 pills per day, rather than having one convenient sachet that you can easily take at home, in the office, at the gym, on vacation, and more. Learn more here.

If price is an issue and you’re unable to take NOVOS Core and Boost or even Core on its own, we offer Boost as a standalone starter package, with prices as low as just over $1 per day.

Biological Age Test

NOVOS is both accountable and has a genuine interest in keeping you Younger For Longer. That’s why we offer you the option to purchase NOVOS Age, which contains the most powerful biological age test available. 

We go into depth about the science and objective measures of NOVOS Age’s test versus other available biological age tests in this article.

It is also worth noting that NOVOS Age’s biological age clocks are run at independent, third-party labs, using algorithms created by scientists at Columbia University and Duke University, rather than self-made, blackbox algorithms that can’t be independently verified for accuracy and lack of biases. Transparency is critically important in ensuring efficacy, accuracy, and safety.

Don’t Forget About NOVOS Boost’s NMN

NOVOS also offers Boost, which contains the powerful longevity ingredient nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) – a natural ingredient backed by nine human and 14 animal studies (see here, search for “NMN”). NMN is a direct precursor of the longevity-enhancing molecule, NAD+, which fuels the repair enzymes known as sirtuins.

NAD+ (increased by NMN) can result in the following longevity benefits:

  • Improving DNA repair
  • Improving the epigenome
  • Improving heart health
  • Increasing skin elasticity
  • Boosting muscle function
  • Improving metabolism
  • Improving aging-related infertility

NMN has gotten a lot of attention over the years, with David Sinclair leading some of that research and claiming he takes the supplement himself. However, lately, the FDA has expressed a plan to restrict the natural over-the-counter ingredient to prescription only, based on an application filed by Metro Biotech, a company founded by David Sinclair for which he is the SAB Chair.

As a company, NOVOS believes NMN – a molecule found in the human body and foods – should remain as an over-the-counter supplement, rather than restricting it to pharmaceutical use.

Public Benefit Corporation

When it comes to our formulations and biological age tests, we think it’s worth noting that we’re a Public Benefit Corporation, which means we take the public’s interest into account for the decisions we make.

That’s why we produce so much free educational material, offer free services such as our longevity score questionnaire and FaceAge, and donate a portion of our revenue to scientific labs and longevity non-profits, including the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation.

When you purchase a NOVOS product or share our scientific content and recommendations with your friends and community, you support the public’s best interest.

Bringing it all together

The field of human longevity is rapidly evolving. There will be more and more companies entering the market and Tally Health is but one of many.

We encourage you to do your own research on NOVOS vs. Tally Health and use critical reasoning on the options available when determining which is the best choice for you, based on its merits. We’re confident that when you do, you’ll come to trust NOVOS as the leader and innovator in the consumer longevity space.

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NOVOS Boost is your best NMN supplement, containing high-quality, high-purity NMN which is 3rd party tested. NOVOS' team consists of the brightest minds in the longevity field.

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