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Why Did It Take So Long For Science-Based Anti-Aging Supplements To Arrive?


Anti-aging supplements have been around for decades. Most of them don’t work.

Why should NOVOS Core, our longevity nutraceutical, be different this time?

In fact, if NOVOS Core is so great, why wasn’t it created sooner?

There are various reasons why there has been a lack of science-based nutraceuticals for many decades.

Reason 1: Not enough studies

The first and most important reason why there has been a lack of science-based nutraceuticals to date is that the science was not there yet.

For a long time, not enough well-conducted studies testing anti-aging substances were carried out.

One reason for this is that aging was often considered a bit of a taboo subject for scientists to research. After all, aging was considered as a natural process that was too complex to interfere with. Only around the 1990’s did the first studies emerge showing that it’s possible to slow down aging.

Aging is also not officially a disease, so scientists would do well to research “real diseases” and not aging.

Also, outdated, oversimplified ideas about aging circulated for too long, like the idea that aging is mainly caused by oxidative damage and that antioxidants can slow down aging (most of them don’t). Many longevity studies with antioxidants showed conflicting results, not really advancing the field either.

Then there are many other reasons why science-based longevity supplements have not been developed, both by the pharmaceutical industry and food supplements industry.

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Reason 2: Pharma is not interested in aging

Pharmaceutical companies are not interested in natural substances that can slow down aging, even if they are promising, for several reasons:

  • Aging is not an official disease indication, so without financial reimbursements for an “anti-aging drug” there is no use in developing one.

  • Pharma does not consider aging as a disease or condition that needs to be treated. They look at aging as a natural process. So pharma turns a blind eye to the root process, aging, that causes all aging-related diseases, such as heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Many natural substances cannot be patented, so despite that they can have strong effects in humans, pharma is not interested.

  • Pharma shuns away from using combinations of different drugs. They like to develop single ingredient drugs, for regulatory and clinical trial purposes. However, given aging is a complex process caused by multiple mechanisms, it would be better to use a combination of different substances.

Reason 3: Food supplement companies don’t know much about aging

For decades, the supplement industry has been falling short of developing a good longevity nutraceutical for various reasons:

  • Many supplement companies base themselves on little or no science into aging. According to well-conducted studies, almost all of the ingredients in anti-aging supplements don’t extend lifespan.

  • They base themselves on outdated ideas about aging, such that aging is mainly caused by oxidative damage that free radicals would prevent (unfortunately, this approach does not work – learn more here).

  • Some supplement companies use only one or two substances to impact aging. However, it’s far better to combine many more ingredients that act on many aging mechanisms to achieve maximum impact on the aging process.

Only in the past years many new insights into aging came about, and have scientific studies appeared demonstrating the anti-aging effects of specific ingredients.

We at NOVOS are at the forefront of these new discoveries and insights into aging, because aging and longevity is our passion, and that is why we have developed what we believe is the best, science-backed, anti-aging supplement: NOVOS Core.

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