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How To Best Take NOVOS and Other FAQs

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1. How to best take NOVOS Core

NOVOS Core is ideally taken with or after a meal.

You can add NOVOS Core to any cold to lukewarm (but not hot) fluid. For example, add one NOVOS sachet to a glass (8oz/225ml) of water, tea, coffee, fruit juice, or smoothie.

8 oz / 225 ml is just a guideline. You can use fewer ounces for a sweeter taste, or more to reduce the sweetness.

You can also add NOVOS to foods, like stirring it into your breakfast porridge, yogurt or into your (preferably whole-grain or gluten free vegetable milk-based) cereal.

2. Can I take NOVOS Core in the evening?

You can take NOVOS Core at any moment in the day. However, given some people report that they have more energy taking NOVOS Core, we suggest that you start off by trying NOVOS Core in the morning or with your first meal, so it can provide you with enough energy throughout the day, while also ensuring optimal sleep.

However, everyone is different. Some ingredients in NOVOS Core could actually provide calmness and relaxation, like magnesium, theanine and Rhodiola rosea. Check out what works best for you and stick with it.

3. Is NOVOS Core a beauty supplement or cosmeceutical?

NOVOS Core can reduce wrinkles.

NOVOS Core is developed to slow down aging. Of course, the most visible aspect of the aging process is skin aging, which causes wrinkles and thinning, sagging skin.

So, in that sense, yes, NOVOS Core is also a cosmeceutical supplement given how it can slow down wrinkles by slowing down aging itself.

Additionally, various ingredients in NOVOS Core can reduce wrinkles and improve skin health in the short-term (think, weeks), like hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, vitamin C, or alpha-ketoglutarate. But, the primary goal of NOVOS is to address the aging process at large.

4. Is NOVOS Core an adaptogen?

Adaptogens are substances that help us adapt to stress, both physical and mental.

The biggest stressor for our body is aging.

Aging causes our body to slowly deteriorate and decline, causing a lot of (physiological) stress to our body – so much stress, in fact, that sooner or later every human will perish.

Given that NOVOS Core contains ingredients to slow down aging, the body will be somewhat less affected by this aging-induced stress.

Additionally, specific substances in NOVOS are known to be adaptogens, such as Rhodiola rosea and theanine.

Other NOVOS ingredients protect the body against specific stressful onslaughts on our cells, like glycine, a molecule that protects proteins by its chaperone function.

Or, acetyl-glucosamine, a component of hyaluronic acid that activates the unfolded protein response, which is a stress response of our cells that kicks into action when too many damaged proteins are piling up in our cells – an important reason why we age.

Some ingredients, like ginger, for example, seem to protect cells against strong stressors, like radioactive rays.

Learn more about how each ingredient addresses aging here.

5. How long do I have to take NOVOS Core for it to extend my lifespan?

You don’t have to take it your whole life, but the longer the better. NOVOS Core’s benefits are additive and accumulate.

NOVOS’ ingredients can continuously protect our cells and slow down the aging process.

NOVOS Core can be taken for months, but ideally you take it for years, in fact, for your whole life.

6. Is this tested on animals?

No. However, all ingredients have been historically tested in animals by the scientific community (not by NOVOS!). And we’re happy to say, all ingredients have improved the quality and lifespan of those animals!

7. Can NOVOS Core reduce hair graying?

It could possibly. Tests in aging mice showed that some ingredients contained in NOVOS Core could substantially slow down and prevent hair greying, and even reverse it.

This was the case for calcium alpha-ketoglutarate – it prevented and in some cases even reversed hair greying in elderly mice.

The researchers wrote, “Among the frailty measures affected by calcium alpha-ketoglutarate, protection from age-related changes in female coat color was particularly prominent.” (R).

8. Is NOVOS Vegetarian?

Yes, NOVOS Core contains no animal ingredients. It’s also gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, sugar-free and we don’t use artificial colors or flavors.

If you have other questions, you can use our advanced question database.

Want to learn more about NOVO Core’s ingredients? Check this out.


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