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Rich People Want to Live Forever. What About The Rest of Us?

Billionaires are often featured in headlines for their desire to be younger or live forever, and the drastic measures they take. In this article, we discuss how ordinary people are already slowing down biological aging and increasing health spans and lifespans. We provide practical advice on how anyone, regardless of financial wealth, can improve their own biological pace of aging.

If you read the recent Bloomberg article in which one of NOVOS’ Scientific Advisory Board members, Dr. George Church of Harvard Medical School, was cited about tech centimillionaire Bryan Johnson and his anti-aging efforts, you might be wondering whether it’s possible for the masses to also reverse the clock on aging. You might also be wondering if he’s taking the right approach. The software entrepreneur drew widespread attention after undertaking an overhaul of his personal health and wellness routine. 

In this article, we’ll dig into the following topics (click to skip to a section):

1. What is Project Blueprint?

2. Is longevity only for the rich?

3. The goal is not immortality, but rather longevity

4. Much of anti-aging advice is bad for longevity

5. NOVOS’ founder’s biological age results

6. Everyday people reducing biological age on NOVOS program

7. You don’t need to sacrifice your quality of life

8. How do I slow down or reverse my age?

9. Final thoughts

What is Project Blueprint?

Bryan Johnson’s Project Blueprint is a rigorous regimen that includes dozens of pills daily, a team of over 30 doctors monitoring Bryan Johnson’s bodily functions, a strict diet of the same daily foods and only 1,977 calories per day, hour-long daily workouts, a sleep routine that includes wearing blue-light-blocking glasses for two hours before bed, and even plans to modify his genetics. The goal is to reverse the aging process in each and every one of Johnson’s organs in an effort to regain the body of an 18-year-old. It’s also a massive undertaking that cost millions to get up and running and will require an investment of at least $2 million this year alone.

Is longevity only for the rich?

Johnson isn’t the only wealthy person to undertake an extreme longevity regimen. Consider the following examples:

  • Billionaire PayPal founder Peter Thiel has been featured for his desire to live forever and for utilizing transfusions of young people’s blood. 
  • Multiple billionaires have invested in cryonic preservation, as in whole-body or brain freezing, in hopes that future scientists may be able to breathe new life into their bodies.
  • Former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made the news in 2022 for investing over a billion dollars into Altos Labs, a biotech company working toward “cellular rejuvenation programming.” 
  • Another biotech company, Nectome, charges $10,000 for “brain preservation” after death; as with cryonic preservation, the idea is to preserve the brain for future research and ultimately create a kind of digital consciousness.
  • Celebrities with hundreds of millions of dollars and endless resources do all they can to slow down (or more commonly, actually just hide) their aging. 

While we are appreciative of the resources committed and attention generated by the über rich for longevity, where does that leave the rest of us who don’t have an in-home medical suite and round-the-clock attention to our bodies and minds? Who has the time, money, and resources to undergo dozens of costly medical procedures every month and a team of professionals monitoring our every move? What about those of us who don’t want to make tremendous sacrifices to our quality of life, like continuous caloric deprivation, monotonous and tasteless meals, dozens of daily pills, and engaging in experimental approaches with prescription drugs and even genetic modification?

At NOVOS, we wanted to take time to draw some comparisons between what Johnson is doing and what we are doing to enable everybody to reverse their aging clocks.

Chris Mirabile, the founder of NOVOS, was motivated to address aging and disease after being cured of a brain tumor as a teen. He has since spent his adult life working to increase his own longevity, with impressive results that significantly exceed those of Bryan Johnson and his Project Blueprint protocols. Along the way, Chris experimented with some approaches that Johnson is currently experimenting with, and has made years of iterations and adjustments.

With the launch of NOVOS, a Public Benefit Corporation, and with the help of a team of world-renowned longevity scientists and medical professionals, Chris and his team have created a line of supplements, tests, and actionable guidance that support reversing the clock on aging. And these are available to all — not just multimillionaires. Here’s how NOVOS is helping people live healthier for longer through scientific advances to make available the right formula for increased longevity.

The goal is not immortality, but rather longevity

Is it possible to reverse aging? We at NOVOS can certainly get behind the idea of living a longer and healthier life, and we agree that it is possible to slow down and reverse biological age, as measured by epigenetic clocks and physiological organ function. Indeed, NOVOS is built on that very principle, and our scientific research demonstrates unequivocally that slowing aging is a reality. We have the proof in not only Chris Mirabile but also in the case studies performed with NOVOS community members. We also have countless testimonials submitted by our customers who have added NOVOS’ products to their daily routines. 

What’s different about NOVOS’ approach, as well as Chris Mirabile’s, is that we believe that a long lifespan is not about being immortal and trying to live forever, nor is it about spending millions of dollars on treatments with questionable results. Rather, the goal is to extend the period of healthy function by slowing down the aging process at its fundamental biological causes, increase health span by delaying or avoiding the onset of chronic diseases of aging, and to extend lifespan in the process. This is how we would define “longevity” and is what NOVOS sets out to do. It’s about being younger for longer.

For some, even NOVOS’ research may seem “extreme” at first glance, in the same way that antibiotics were once considered to be on the fringe. Decades later, antibiotics have been shown to extend the average human lifespan by 23 years, and now this scientific innovation is commonplace. Addressing the fundamental causes of aging to extend healthy lifespan is no more extreme; it’s just the 21st century equivalent and one that has measurable results. Furthermore, when you compare NOVOS’ approach to the genuinely extreme methods used by popular figures in the space, you can begin to see that NOVOS offers a much more balanced, more effective solution to reverse the clock on aging without overly taxing your lifestyle or wallet.

You don’t need to spend millions or go to extremes. You just need the right knowledge.

NOVOS has demonstrated that the path to longevity does not require exorbitant amounts of money. It simply requires having the right knowledge, as provided on this blog and in NOVOS’ video content, and a desire to improve your lifestyle.

Consider that many people who pursue so-called anti-aging regimens, especially celebrities, are not improving their lifespans and health spans. They’re actually shortening them or increasing their risks for disease with therapies like HGH and TRT. In contrast, NOVOS provides the best guidance via our team of world-renowned experts whose combined experience informs every ingredient we include in our supplement line and lifestyle advice we provide in our content, such as in our article 60 Top Tips to Live Longer, Doctor-Approved.

Let’s talk about results.

As Chris Mirabile openly shares on his website,, he has reversed his biological age according to epigenetic clocks used by scientists by 13.6 years versus his chronological age — from 37.2 to 23.6, without spending millions of dollars on tests or sacrificing his quality of life.

In fact, a senior executive from the laboratory that ran the identical tests for Chris and Bryan Johnson commented about Chris’ results, “Quite frankly, we haven’t seen a score this good, but it is accurate.”

And according to perhaps the most powerful and accurate of all epigenetic clock tests, the DunedinPACE clock, which measures one’s current rate of aging, Chris is aging at 0.69 (31% slower than average). Many additional physiological aging measures further corroborate these results.

Chris Mirabile Bryan Johnson Biological Age comparison
NOVOS Founder, Chris Mirabile, aged 38 chronologically

Everyday people also reversed their biological age with NOVOS.

Furthermore, NOVOS has customers who are sharing their results of their biological age tests, and after taking NOVOS Core and Boost and following our lifestyle advice, they are significantly slowing down their rate of biological aging. One verified customer had this to say: “I tested my biological age with an epigenetic test prior to starting NOVOS Core. I was 1.8 years younger than my chronological age. I started daily NOVOS Core packets, and six months later, I repeated the test. I was 8.4 years younger than my chrono age! I am excited about the results!” (Amy B., MSN, APRN, FNP-C.)

NOVOS recently received results from a case study that administered NOVOS Core and Boost to 11 participants (six female, five male), chronologically aged 39 to 76. They completed the DunedinPACE analysis before taking NOVOS and again after six months. Of those participants, 73% improved their rate of biological aging, with an average percent change of minus 6.1% and as much as minus 14%. Among the small group who did not improve, there was no statistical change, meaning they maintained their pace of aging, which might actually be a good thing. That is, their longevity might have worsened had they not taken NOVOS. Zero participants had an increase in their pace of aging. Note that the p-value for the results, at 0.001, is well beyond the statistical significance benchmark of 0.05. In other words, the results are 50 times less likely to be by random chance than what scientists usually require to consider something as “statistically significant,” or not coincidental.

You don’t need to sacrifice your quality of life. 

While we applaud the efforts of the mega rich to increase their lifespans, we also want to reinforce the message that living healthier for longer isn’t reserved just for the wealthy, nor does it require going to extremes. In fact, you can get comparable and even superior results by following protocols being developed by NOVOS, along with our world-renowned team of longevity biologists and geneticists. As the leading scientific authority for consumers in the space with a founder who personally tests the limits of longevity, NOVOS is proof that anyone can make progress toward a longer, healthier life with just a few simple lifestyle changes and protocols.

“I tested my biological age with an epigenetic test prior to starting NOVOS Core. I was 1.8 years younger than my chronological age. I started daily NOVOS Core packets, and six months later, I repeated the test. I was 8.4 years younger than my chrono age! I am excited about the results!”
-Amy B., MSN, APRN, FNP-C.

Bottom line: There is no point in doing anything that’s not only extreme but also not necessarily beneficial for your lifespan and health span. Instead, your best bet is to start by learning more about the root causes of aging — especially if you’re new to longevity science and perhaps read the Bloomberg article through the lens of someone who wants a simpler, more affordable, more effective approach to extending lifespan and health span. This will help you approach any kind of regimen, whether Project Blueprint or any other, with a dose of skepticism and an eye toward finding the most effective methods. You can then make the best choices to help reverse the clock on aging.

How do I slow down or reverse my age?

Start by learning more about the biological causes of aging and how to slow them down. is a fantastic resource for that, including our blog, ebook, and video content.

Then take some free tests. Complete the five-minute longevity assessment, which will provide you with a longevity score of your current lifestyle. Then, use FaceAge, our AI-powered tool that measures your facial age and skin health, powered by a data set of more than 12 million people’s photos. Consider this your starting data that you will look back on as you progress on your longevity journey.

If you’re an overachiever, consider purchasing NOVOS Age – the most powerful and complete biological age test available for consumers – which includes the DunedinPACE rate of aging clock, as well as additional measures: biological age and telomere length. Take this test at the beginning of your longevity journey, then again after 12 months.

Integrate our free, science-based advice on diet, sleep, supplementation, exercise, lifestyle, and longevity tech devices. And of course, if you want to improve and accelerate your results, consider using NOVOS supplements: Core (the foundational supplement) and Boost (for an added boost to Core).

We invite you to follow us on social (@novoslabs) and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest on all things human longevity.

Final thoughts

Is it possible to slow down aging? Not only is it possible to slow down or even reverse the aging process, but it’s becoming more commonplace. As people delve deeper into information about their biological age, more and more of them are choosing to undertake new supplement and lifestyle routines to turn back the aging clock. With NOVOS as part of your daily wellness regimen, you can begin reversing aging sooner rather than later, without being rich or going to extremes. You can truly be younger for longer.

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