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MIB-626, A Novel Better NMN Variant?

What is MIB-626? 

MIB-626 is a form of NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) developed by MetroBiotech. It is the same molecule as NMN, except it is in a microcrystalline form compared to NMN’s regular form (learn more about NMN and longevity here).  

This means the NMN molecules are stacked together more orderly. Crystals are known for their very compact, well-arranged stacking of molecules. 

By stacking together NMN in a more orderly crystalline way, the NMN molecules are more stable. For example, they react less with surrounding water molecules given they are more compactly stacked together. 

MIB-626 consists of many tiny microcrystals of NMN. MIB-626 has been shown, just like regular NMN, to be taken up in the body and increase NMN levels in the bloodstream and NAD levels in the body (R). 

Function of MIB-626

NMN is used by the body to make NAD, which performs various important functions, like repairing and protecting our DNA and helping to maintain the epigenome

MIB-626 can increase NAD levels in our cells. This helps cells to better function and protect themselves against aging. Unfortunately, during aging, NAD levels in our cells decline. 

We explain more about the role of NMN and aging here.


Testing This New NMN Variant 

MIB-626 is the same molecule that the U.S. military is considering to increase the mental and physical performance and endurance of their soldiers (R,R). 

The Special Operations Command (SOCOM) launched a study to see if MIB-626 could improve the performance of its soldiers.  

Other studies are going on with this substance, organized by MetroBiotech, the company that has developed MIB-626. 

Metrobiotech wants to file this molecule as a drug and is currently running clinical trials in humans to see if this microcrystalline form of NMN can treat various aging-related diseases and diseases similar to aging, such as kidney failure, heart failure, mitochondrial diseases, muscle diseases, and others.  

Is MIB-626 Better Than “Normal” NMN? 

Given NMN cannot be patented, companies are looking at ways to slightly modify the NMN molecule or its arrangements so they can patent it.  

MetroBiotech claims MIB-626 would perform better than regular NMN. 

Whether MIB-626 is better than regular NMN, and how much better, remains to be seen. It is claimed that MIB-626 can increase NAD levels up to 200-300%, while taking “normal” NMN can only increase NAD levels by 40%. 

However, we have not yet seen head-to-head comparison studies published comparing MIB-626 with normal NMN. 

Interestingly, there are high-quality NMN supplements on the market that also have a more crystalline arrangement, which improves stability. 

This more crystalline NMN is called “second-generation” NMN and is also the same NMN that can be found in NOVOS Boost

Currently, all studies done with NMN and that showed health benefits have been done with normal (standard) non-crystalline NMN (R,R,R,R,R,R). 

Synergy With NMN to Slow Down Aging

Whether using normal NMN or more crystalline NMN, NMN is a very interesting molecule for longevity. 

However, just relying on NMN (or MIB-626) to slow down aging is not the ideal way forward. 

Aging is a complex process, caused by many different mechanisms, which all need to be addressed. 

Therefore, combining NMN with other longevity supplements is the way forward. 

These other anti-aging supplements can impact other important aging mechanisms (like protein accumulation, crosslinking or cellular senescence). 

Many of these anti-aging supplements can also work synergistically with NMN. For example, just like NMN, alpha-ketoglutarate, microdosed lithium, and glycine can improve the epigenome.

And like NMN, substances such as magnesium and ginger can help to protect the DNA. 

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