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What’s the Best NMN Supplement?


NMN supplements have flooded the market.

The rising popularity of NMN as a supplement to slow down aging stems from many scientific studies showing that NMN can slow down aging, and by positive claims about NMN as a longevity ingredient by well-known researchers, like Professor David Sinclair from Harvard University, Professor Shin-ichiro Imai from Washington University, and many others (R,R,R,R,R).

So now you can buy NMN supplements everywhere.

However, this greatly increased demand lead also to unscrupulous sellers to offer low-purity NMN supplements, or even NMN supplements that do not contain NMN.

Problems with NMN supplements

Some NMN supplements claim to be “high-purity NMN,” while they are in fact low-purity NMN. Some NMN supplements even have less than 80 percent purity.

Also, what the other 20 percent contains is not known to customers. It can be just fillers like flour (used to reduce the cost), or it could be toxic substances created as a by-product from the NMN production process.

There are even “NMN supplements” that do not contain NMN, but instead contain nicotinamide (a B vitamin that looks somewhat like NMN but has complete different effects in the body), or that contain nicotinamide riboside (NR). 

NR is not the same as NMN. There are various reasons to believe that NMN is better than NR. We explain in this blog post why.

Given the very high manufacturing costs of NMN (it’s one of the most expensive food supplements to produce) some NMN supplement sellers adulterate their products to reduce the costs and make more profit.

How to find the best NMN supplement?

So how can you find the best NMN supplement? And make sure the supplement is a trustworthy, good quality one?

You would need to pay attention to the following things:

1. The NMN company has esteemed scientific advisors

Make sure your NMN supplement is from a company that has top longevity scientists in its advisory board, and works with scientific consultants that are famous in the field of aging.

You can google these researchers to see if they are connected to a university or lab, and check on PubMed how many studies they have published.

That way you can make sure they are active, well-reputable scientists. We at NOVOS have such top experts as board members and advisors.

2. Be skeptical of “high-purity” NMN claims

Buy a high-purity (containing more than 99 percent NMN) supplement, so not one that has been adulterated with other substances. 

However, be skeptical of so called “99 percent purity” NMN supplements. Often, the purity is measured subjectively, and not in an absolute way.

Often, the “purity” is measured by comparing the supplement with other supplements that are less pure. In this way one can claim very high “purities”.

However, to determine the real purity, one needs to calculate the purity in an objective manner, by measuring the absolute purity of the supplement itself.

Or, when measuring relative purity by comparing NMN with a gold standard of NMN, the brand’s purity should be more than 100 percent pure (e.g. 101 percent purity). This means the NMN is more pure than the gold standard.

3. Make sure it’s stable, new-generation NMN

Did you know that not al NMN is the same?

Newer generation NMN is more stable. NMN is a fragile molecule that when exposed to water molecules can get converted into nicotinamide (NAM).

The stability of NMN is largely determined by the surrounding water molecules, and the organization of the NMN with other surrounding NMN molecules. The water molecules are polar (having different electric charges on different sides), which can impact the electron configuration of the NMN molecule and lead to less stability.

NMN molecules that are more orderly organized and more compactly arranged suffer less from the destabilizing interaction with water molecules both in the product and with water from air. Furthermore, creating more “high-density” NMN by reducing water content improves stability.

We at NOVOS provide this kind of next-generation, more stable NMN.

The NMN in NOVOS Boost arranges itself into spherical crystals (as opposed to sawtooth crystals), which are more capable of blocking contact with humidity in the air, which increases the stability and shelf life of our NMN. Compared to sawtooth crystal shapes, the spherical crystal is more ordered, compact and thus each NMN molecule will have less exposure to air and water.

There exists even more crystalline NMN (and NMN derivatives), which involves specific organization of the NMN molecules, for which David Sinclair’s company MetroBiotech has filed patents. See for example this patent. However, this is likely overkill.

4. Third party-lab testing of NMN

Make sure NMN supplement seller has worked together with third party labs that checked the supplement for contaminants such as:

  • Heavy metals (e.g. lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury)

  • Bacteria (e.g. E coli, S aureus, Salmonella)

  • Yeast and mold

  • Toxins (e.g. toluene, xylenes, trichloroethylene, isopropyl alcohol, ethylene oxide, ethyl ether, acetone, benzene, chloroform, acetonitrile, etc). Toluene is an important contaminant that needs to checked.

Be aware, some companies only test heavy metals, but not microorganisms like yeast and bacteria, or only test for microorganisms and not for heavy metals.

Make sure your NMN supplement has been third-party tested by independent testing services to confirm purity and safety. Many sellers of NMN supplements use less well-known and less reputed testing companies. 

5. The NMN is properly manufactured

Make sure your NMN supplement is produced in a facility that works according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and to the latest ISO norms. 

Also, the production process of NMN needs to be state-of-the-art.

This means for example that the pH and water content during the production process must be very well controlled. A too acid or too alkaline environment will break the electric balance of the NMN crystals. NOVOS Boost NMN is pH balanced, which improves the internal structure and stability of the crystals during production. Further, the water content in the crystals is controlled during production, which further improves the NMN’s stability.

It’s important to use in this process novel-generation NMN made of spherical crystals, which has higher bulk density and fluidity, avoiding unstable dosages due to raising dust in the production process.

Why NOVOS’ NMN is different

NOVOS Boost is a unique NMN supplement adhering to all of the above.

We use rigorous science, work together with the top scientific experts in the aging field, do due diligence and conduct trustworthy extensive testing to make sure you have the best high-quality NMN supplement, which pairs excellently with our foundational formulation, NOVOS Core.

Also, our NMN is next-generation NMN that is more stable.

NOVOS’ NMN is third-party tested, high-purity NMN. Our NMN is likely the most thoroughly tested NMN on the market: We test for far more contaminants than many other companies do.

Also, our NMN has been tested not by one, but by two independent 3rd party US-based labs, namely Anresco and Micro Quality Labs (you can find their certificates below).

Heavy metals testing certificate

NOVOS’ NMN has been tested and cleared for heavy metals such as arsenic (often naturally present in many foods; the FDA allows 2 ppm in eggs for example; NOVOS contains only 0.039 ppm), cadmium, mercury and lead.

Toxin testing certificate

NOVOS tests for many more toxic contaminants than most other brands do.

NOVOS’ NMN has been tested and cleared for toxins such as toluene, xylenes, trichloroethylene, isopropyl alcohol, ethylene oxide, ethyl ether, acetone, methanol, ethyl acetate and others:

Microbiology certificate

Our NMN has been tested for contamination with bacteria, yeast and mold:

NMN purity certificates

Besides using the services of Anresco, an esteemed 3rd party testing lab, our NMN has also been tested by a second 3rd party testing lab demonstrating the very high purity of our NMN.
(Note: the 101.23 percent purity mentioned on the certificate compares NOVOS’ NMN to a standard NMN sample; 101.23 percent purity means that NOVOS’ NMN is more pure than the “gold standard”)


Learn more about the anti-aging supplement NOVOS Boost, containing high-quality, high-purity NMN


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