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Why NOVOS Core Is One Of The Best Anti-Aging Supplements Available

Why is NOVOS Core one of the best anti-aging supplements available? We summed up some reasons!

  • NOVOS Core has been formulated by the world’s top longevity scientists and medical doctors

  • NOVOS Core contains 12 anti-aging ingredients. Other brands often contain only 1 or 2 ingredients. However, to target multiple aging mechanisms in a synergistic way many ingredients are necessary

  • Targets 10+ multiple aging pathways, instead of one or none

  • Ingredients work synergistically, targeting multiple aging mechanisms at the same time

  • Independent laboratory studies have shown in human cells that NOVOS is capable of reducing DNA damage from irradiation by as much as 77% and impacting senescent cells to a degree similar to the longevity prescription drug, rapamycin

  • Backed by 435 of the latest scientific studies on animals and humans

  • Beauty benefits beyond longevity, like reduced wrinkles and more youthful skin

  • Cognitive benefits beyond longevity, such as improved mood and cognition

  • Supports healthy brain, heart, muscle, and joint function along with normal levels of blood sugar and lipids as you age

  • Sufficient ingredient dosage to maximize efficiency (contains equivalent of 12 pills worth of ingredients)

  • Patent-pending formulation

  • Natural, high-quality, trustworthy ingredients

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Our foundational formulation, NOVOS Core, targets all the root causes of aging to promote longevity, appearance, cognition, and energy. Slow down aging with these 12 highly-effective longevity ingredients in one daily dose, which you can mix with water to drink. Each box contains 30 packets for a one-month supply.


NOVOS Boost is your best NMN supplement, containing high-quality, high-purity NMN which is 3rd party tested. NOVOS' team consists of the brightest minds in the longevity field.

NOVOS Age Unboxing


Track your pace of aging and learn about the impacts of lifestyle changes. Includes comprehensive guidance on how to improve your scores with lifestyle upgrades.