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Why NOVOS Core Is One Of The Best Anti-Aging Supplements Available

Why is NOVOS Core one of the best anti-aging supplements available? We summed up some reasons!

  • NOVOS Core has been formulated by the world’s top longevity scientists and medical doctors

  • NOVOS Core contains 12 anti-aging ingredients. Other brands often contain only 1 or 2 ingredients. However, to target multiple aging mechanisms in a synergistic way many ingredients are necessary

  • Targets 10+ multiple aging pathways, instead of one or none

  • Ingredients work synergistically, targeting multiple aging mechanisms at the same time

  • Backed by 500+ of the latest scientific studies on animals and humans

  • Beauty benefits beyond longevity, like reduced wrinkles and more youthful skin

  • Cognitive benefits beyond longevity, such as improved mood and cognition

  • Supports healthy brain, heart, muscle, and joint function along with normal levels of blood sugar and lipids as you age

  • Sufficient ingredient dosage to maximize efficiency (contains equivalent of 12 pills worth of ingredients)

  • Patent-pending formulation

  • Natural, high-quality, trustworthy ingredients.

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How to remember to take NOVOS

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