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Are supplements necessary? Do I need to take supplements?

Do I need to take supplements? And for the rest of my life? There are a lot of misconceptions about supplements. Not in the least from governments, various MDs and […]

Can I combine NOVOS with a multivitamin or other vitamins and minerals?

You can take multivitamins with NOVOS Core and/or NOVOS Boost. In fact, we developed NOVOS products specifically to be combined with multivitamins without issue. Regarding the best vitamins, minerals and […]

Could glucosamine cause insulin resistance or higher sugar (glucose) levels?

When creating NOVOS Core, we took great care to research the topic of glucosamine and insulin resistance. More recent studies show that glucosamine does not increase insulin resistance. Also, glucosamine […]

Could long-term lithium intake cause kidney damage?

Microdosed lithium has been shown to slow down aging and exert various protective effects on cells, especially brain cells. That’s why microdosed lithium is often used as an anti-aging supplement […]

David Sinclair supplements: What anti-Aging supplements does Harvard scientist David Sinclair take?

David Sinclair is a professor at Harvard University who has been studying aging for the better part of his academic career. Dr. David Sinclair’s main research interest is the epigenetics of aging, with […]