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Do your ingredients get absorbed? Do you need liposomal forms of your ingredients to improve absorption? Are the doses the right ones?

First, we know that NOVOS ingredients get properly absorbed, given many studies demonstrate that when the ingredients are taken orally, they lead to beneficial effects in different organisms and humans.

This means that the ingredients are absorbed, are sufficiently stable, and can reach the required tissues enabling longevity and health effects.

Also, in all these studies the regular, plain ingredients were used. So no ingredients that were incapsulated in fats (e.g. liposomal) to improve absorption for example.

As a case in point, let’s have a look at NMN. In mice and human studies, regular, non liposomal NMN was given via the drinking water, leading to health effects in mice and in humans. It was not necessary to encapsulate the NMN in lipids or take it sublingually. Also, these studies demonstrate that the NMN is absorbed and can exert health effects, whatever the absorption, stability, cellular uptake, metabolism, and excretion may be.

For many ingredients, including both supplements and drugs, it’s almost impossible to exactly know how the molecules are absorbed, metabolized and which cellular mechanisms they impact.

For example, statins, which are cholesterol-lowering drugs, are know to inhibit an enzyme that produces cholesterol. However, recently it has been shown that statins impact many other mechanisms in the body, including inflammation and isoprenoid production.

Mostly, molecules are a black box given it’s not really possible to know all the exact effects and interactions in the body. Therefore, it’s important to look at the final outcomes these molecules have: can they extend lifespan? Can they mitigate various aging processes? Are they associated with reduced mortality?

We at NOVOS selected the most evidence-driven and science-based substances in this regard.

We also use doses which have shown to enable beneficial effects in animals and humans.

One exception is fisetin; we prefer to use a lower dose than the one that is sometimes used; this dose is often around 1200 mg and is administered every few weeks to clear senescent cells, but studies demonstrated lifespan extension with fisetin in lower, continuous doses. Also, with such large doses there is more risk of side effects.

In conclusion, studies demonstrate that our ingredients, when taken orally, in adequate doses, lead to health and longevity effects in multiple species, including humans, showing they get properly absorbed, and are able to elicit proper responses in the body.

For more information about the science behind our ingredients (and where you can find hundreds of scientific studies and references), please visit our “Science behind NOVOS” page:


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