Do I need to take calcium? How much calcium? Why not take calcium via milk or dairy?

Regarding calcium intake, it’s important to make sure you consume enough calcium every day.

Even when consuming dairy, many people don’t reach the required levels of calcium. Also, dairy, especially milk, can accelerate aging (see further down).

Therefore, we are proponents of taking calcium supplements to make sure you take in enough calcium. Of course, one has to be careful not to take too much calcium at once, because that could be associated with an increased risk of heart disease because of calcification of the arteries caused by too high calcium peaks in the blood if you take too much calcium at once.

So not 1000 mg of calcium at once, but 2 x 500 mg (e.g. one time 500 mg in the morning and 500 mg before bedtime – calcium can help to relax and fall asleep faster). Also, always combine calcium supplements with vitamin K2 supplements: they help the calcium to be deposited in the bones and not the arterial walls.

We are not big fans of milk. Milk accelerates aging. Milk activates all kinds of aging pathways, like mTOR, insulin and IGF-receptors. Milk also contains galactose, which accelerates aging (scientists even use galactose to induce aging in organisms).

The diary industry works hard to publish studies claiming that milk is healthy, but they ignore its long-term effects, and the role of milk in aging.

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