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Are there clinical trials or is there evidence for NOVOS? How do I know if NOVOS works?

NOVOS is the first, and as of the time of this writing, the only product in the world that simultaneously addresses 9 causes of aging (the 9 Hallmarks of Youth).

You can find more scientific information about each ingredient in NOVOS’ patent-pending formulations here:


You can learn about the process and scientific rigor that went into the formulation of NOVOS’s formulas here, and why we are so confident in our formulations:


At the bottom of this article, you will find a non-exhaustive list with many scientific studies for each ingredient in NOVOS.

In this article, we also explain the challenges and opportunities in developing nutraceuticals to impact aging. After all, the ideal test to measure aging (a clinical trial that follows people for decades to track their mortality) is almost impossible to conduct; such a study would cost tens of millions of dollars and take more time than is practical for us to impact our aging in the months and years ahead. Also, we currently don’t have accurate biomarkers yet for aging interventions. So we have to rely on other kinds of evidence, as we explain in the article above.

We also ran a small proof-of-concept study in humans, showing improvements in skin health in 4 participants after 6 months of taking NOVOS, as measured with a scientific instrument known as an indentometer. You can read more about the results here:


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