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Evidence for NOVOS

Are there clinical trials or is there evidence for NOVOS? How do I know if NOVOS works?

NOVOS is the first, and as of the time of this writing, the only product in the world that simultaneously addresses 9 causes of aging (the 9 Hallmarks of Youth). You can find more scientific information about each ingredient in NOVOS’ patent-pending formulations here: https://novoslabs.com/novos-anti-aging-longevity-supplement/ You can learn about the process and scientific rigor that […]

Evidence for NOVOS. What’s the science behind NOVOS?

What is the science behind some of the most interesting supplements to slow down aging? And how are we to find out whether these substances can actually slow down aging, including in humans? It’s nearly impossible to select thousands of people and follow them for 30 to 50 years to see if they live longer […]

How did you determine the proper doses for NOVOS’ formulations?

The scientists and MD’s at NOVOS extrapolated the doses from animal studies, looked at doses used in human studies, looked at human pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics data, discussed with NOVOS’ Scientific Advisor Board (e.g., with Dr. Pamela Maher, we went into depth regarding the ideal dose regimen of fisetin), compared doses used in other supplements, and […]

Why is NOVOS Core one of the best anti-aging supplements available?

Why is NOVOS Core one of the best anti-aging supplements available? – NOVOS Core has been formulated by the world’s top longevity scientists and medical doctors – Contains 12 anti-aging ingredients. Other brands often contain only 1 or 2 ingredients. However, to target multiple aging mechanisms in a synergistic way many ingredients are necessary – […]

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