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Benefits of NOVOS

Anti-aging supplement NOVOS Core improves skin firmness, suppleness

Participants who took NOVOS Core for 6 months all showed improvements in skin firmness as measured by a medical device known as an indentometer. An indentometer is a device that measures skin […]

Can NOVOS reduce hair graying? Do I get less gray hair from NOVOS?

Specific ingredients in NOVOS could reduce hair graying. For example, researchers were surprised that an ingredient in NOVOS – alpha-ketoglutarate – could substantially slow down and prevent hair greying, and […]

Can NOVOS treat, prevent or cure diseases?

NOVOS is a nutraceutical supplement. By FDA and other regulations, supplements are not allowed to make claims that they can cure, prevent or treat diseases. We also cannot provide medical […]

Ingredients in NOVOS to reduce wrinkles and skin aging – Skin benefits of NOVOS

NOVOS contains various longevity ingredients that also have shown to reduce skin aging and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, such as: 1. HYALURONIC ACID, TAKEN ORALLY Hyaluronic acid is an important […]

Is NOVOS also a beauty supplement or cosmeceutical? Can it reduce wrinkles and improve skin?

NOVOS Core has been primarily formulated to slow down aging. However, NOVOS Core is also a cosmeceutical supplement, given that it can slow down wrinkles by slowing down aging itself. […]

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