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Is NOVOS also a beauty supplement or cosmeceutical? Can it reduce wrinkles and improve skin?

NOVOS Core has been primarily formulated to slow down aging. However, NOVOS Core is also a cosmeceutical supplement, given that it can slow down wrinkles by slowing down aging itself.

Additionally, various ingredients in NOVOS Core can reduce wrinkles and improve skin appearance in the short-term (3-12 weeks) given their specific impact on the skin.

Examples are alpha-ketoglutarate (which is involved in collagen synthesis and improves stem cell health), hyaluronic acid (which is an important component of the skin), glucosamine (an important component of the extracellular matrix), glycine (a major building block of collagen) and vitamin C (needed for collagen production, works synergistically with alpha-ketoglutarate for epigenetic rejuvenation via TET enzymes, and can improve stem cell health – including in the skin).

Often, people who take NOVOS mention their skin looks better. We also received many emails from customers, telling us that friends and loved ones notice improved complexions.

We further tested this in a very small trial with 4 participants with an indentometer, which indeed showed improvements in skin firmness after 6 months. You can read more about this study here:


You can learn more about how the ingredients in NOVOS can reduce wrinkles here:


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