Reduce Wrinkles With NOVOS Core

No other organ shows that we’re aging more clearly than our skin. 

Around the age of 30 the first signs of aging become obvious: our skin gets thinner, less plump and less elastic. Around mid-to-late 20s the collagen production in the skin also drops. We start to see the first faint wrinkles appear near our eyes and mouth when we squint or smile.

At NOVOS, we want to slow down the skin aging process.

Various substances in NOVOS Core have scientifically shown to reduce skin wrinkles and improve skin appearance. Specifically, 4 ingredients in NOVOS Core are scientifically proven to reduce wrinkles: 

Oral Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is the glue that keeps our skin cells together, and supports their structure. Hyaluronic acid is most abundant in the skin organ, comprising up to 50% of the total body’s hyaluronic acid, yet it is also present throughout the entire human body (R).

When we age, levels of hyaluronic acid decline. A 75-year-old has about 75 percent less hyaluronic acid in the skin than a 19-year-old (R). Orally taken hyaluronic acid has been shown to reduce the size of wrinkles, improve skin suppleness, improve the moisturization of the skin, and increase skin radiance (R,R,R). Interestingly, specific components of hyaluronic acid, such acetyl-glucosamine, go beyond the skin and can also extend lifespan (R).


Glucosamine is an important part of the gel-like matrix that surrounds our skin cells and that provides firmness to our skin. Studies show that glucosamine can improve skin appearance, wound healing, skin hydration and can reduce skin wrinkles (R,R). 

Glucosamine can also slow down the formation of aging-related dark skin spots (R). Interestingly, glucosamine has been shown to extend lifespan in various animals (R,R), and has been associated with reduced mortality (R,R) and less cardiovascular disease in humans (R).


Alpha-ketoglutarate is a natural substance involved in collagen synthesis (R,R,R) and stem cell health, including skin stem cells. AKG can also reduce hair graying (R). Interestingly, alpha-ketoglutarate has been shown to extend lifespan and health span in various organisms (R,R,R,R,R,R,R).


Glycine is a naturally-occurring amino acid. During aging, levels of glycine decline. 

Glycine is an important component of collagen, a protein that makes up our skin and provides firmness and strength to our skin. An increased intake of glycine can improve collagen synthesis.

Other ingredients in NOVOS Core address aging at its root cause

Our skin ages because of various biological processes. NOVOS Core contains 12 ingredients to address these aging processes. 

Examples of aging processes that contribute to skin aging are:

All ingredients in NOVOS Core address these and other root causes of aging, which can further slow skin aging and its visible signs. 

Study results

All participants who took NOVOS for 6 months showed improvements in skin firmness, as measured by an indentometer. 

An indentometer is a medical device that measures skin suppleness and firmness. NOVOS users saw a minimum improvement of 12%, a maximum improvement of 40% and an average improvement of 22%.

Besides these objective measurements, participants also mentioned noticeable improvements in their skin, such as improved elasticity, smoothness, and firmness. 

Grey bars show skin firmness before taking NOVOS (the higher the bar, the less firm the skin is). Orange bars show skin firmness after taking NOVOS 6 months (the lower the bar, the firmer the skin).
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