Is NOVOS also an adaptogenic supplement? Can it increase energy levels?

NOVOS contains ingredients that are classified as adaptogens. By extension, NOVOS Core is an adaptogenic formula.

Adaptogens are substances that can help us to adapt to stress, both physical and mental. The biggest stressor for our body is aging. Given NOVOS targets slowing down aging, it can also reduce aging-related stress on our cells. NOVOS contains ingredients that mitigate stress induced by aging on our cells, like glycine, a molecule that protects proteins by its chaperone function, or acetyl-glucosamine (a component of hyaluronic acid) that activates the unfolded protein response, which is a stress response of our cells that kicks into action when too many damaged proteins are piling up in our cells (an important reason why we age).

Some of NOVOS Core’s ingredients, like ginger, can protect cells against strong stressors, like radioactive rays. Additionally, specific substances in NOVOS are known to be adaptogens, such as Rhodiola rosea and theanine. Various substances in NOVOS can reduce tiredness and fatigue.

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