What can I expect to experience from NOVOS in the short-term?

Regarding expectations from taking NOVOS Core, more than 70% of users report that they experience at least one benefit within 3-4 weeks of continual use, and even more after 8 weeks. The most commonly cited benefits are improved calmness, increased focus, greater energy (not caffeine-type energy, but well-rested energy), improved sleep and improved skin and/or complexion.

A small fraction of NOVOS users don’t subjectively experience any changes, but this doesn’t mean NOVOS isn’t working. NOVOS’ formulations are designed to slow down aging by acting on the hallmarks of aging; any short-term benefits are welcome but are not our main goal at NOVOS.

Regarding NOVOS Boost (NMN), some people don’t experience an increase in energy when initially taking it, but when they increase their dose of NMN to 375 mg, or sometimes to 500 mg or more (up to 1 gram) per day (in one dose), they experience a significant increase in energy.