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At what age should I start taking NOVOS?

NOVOS is suited for young, middle-aged and elderly people. It is developed to slow down aging, a process that already starts from a young age. The most pronounced short-term effects […]

How do I remember taking my NOVOS supplement? How not to forget taking NOVOS?

It’s not always easy to remember taking a sachet every day. Here are some simple tips to make sure you don’t forget. 1. Make it a habit. Take NOVOS at […]

How long do I have to take NOVOS to extend my lifespan?

The longer you take NOVOS Core and Boost, the better. That way, the ingredients can continuously protect your cells and slow down the aging process. It’s like eating healthy or […]

I’m not a fan of the flavor -or- the taste is too sweet

We conduct surveys of NOVOS Core users after approximately 3-4 weeks of use. 3% of survey respondents strongly dislike the flavor, 5% are neutral, and 92% love it. While we […]

What if I feel some stomach discomfort from taking NOVOS?

A small percentage of users (less than 3%) report that they feel stomach discomfort when they first start taking NOVOS. This is normal: when a new food is introduced into […]

What is the best way to take NOVOS Core?

NOVOS Core is ideally taken with or after a meal. You can add NOVOS Core to any cold to lukewarm (but not hot) fluid. For example, add one NOVOS sachet […]

When should I take NOVOS?

You can take NOVOS Core or Boost at any moment of the day, before, during or after meals. With that said, we suggest that you try taking NOVOS with your […]

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