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I’m not a fan of the flavor -or- the taste is too sweet

We conduct surveys of NOVOS Core orange flavor users after approximately 3-4 weeks of use. 3% of survey respondents strongly dislike the flavor, 5% are neutral, and 92% love it.

While we would love to satisfy 100% of our customers, the reality is that everyone has a different taste pallet and we can’t perfect the flavor for every single person. With that said, we have some tips that have worked for most orange users who aren’t initially the biggest fans to start:

  1. Dilute NOVOS in more water, especially if you think it’s too sweet or you aren’t the biggest fan of the flavor.
  2. Mix NOVOS in a flavored drink to mask the flavor: a freshly squeezed juice or smoothie, a protein shake, etc.
  3. Give it time. Some customers have told us that while they weren’t fans of the flavor to start, they’ve grown to crave it over time (usually 4-8 weeks in).

NOVOS Core does not come in capsules because it would require 19+ pills.

NOVOS Core now comes in an unflavored version. Add unflavored Core to a cold or lukewarm 8 oz or larger drink (juice, smoothie, coffee, tea, water, etc.) or food (yogurt, oatmeal, etc.). The active ingredients and efficacy of unflavored Core are identical to orange flavored Core.

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