Why NOVOS’ NMN is superior to many other NMN supplements

How is NOVOS’ NMN different compared to many other brands?

NOVOS’ NMN is unique given our NMN:

– Has been double-checked by two independent third-party labs

– Is supported by a scientific advisory board of top longevity experts

– Our NMN is very high purity (more than 99 percent NMN)

– With less than 1% impurities, which are only nicotinamide, nicotinamide riboside (NR) and water, which are harmless

– Extensively tested for many different toxins, microorganisms and heavy metals

– Next-generation, more stable NMN due to improved crystal-like arrangement

– NOVOS Boost is manufactured in the US according to stringent norms, including GMP and ISO.

Learn more on our website – on this page you can also find the laboratory certificates of analysis attesting the purity and quality of NOVOS’ NMN:


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