Is liposomal NMN better than normal NMN?

It’s not necessary to take liposomal NMN.

Why? All studies done in animals that demonstrate beneficial effects of NMN used non-liposomal NMN; scientists added normal NMN to the drinking water or food.

Also, all studies hitherto done in humans use non-liposomal NMN. These studies showed various health benefits of NMN despite using normal, non-liposomal NMN.

For example, a study at Washington University found that 250 mg of (non-liposomal) NMN per day improved insulin sensitivity in prediabetic women after ten weeks (R).

Another study found that men over age 65 who took 250 mg of non-liposomal NMN per day improved muscle function after 12 weeks (R).

A study showed that NMN improved metabolism in runners, again this was non-liposomal NMN (R).

Harvard Professor David Sinclair takes normal NMN, not liposomal NMN.

Companies mainly promote liposomal NMN to differentiate themselves from the competition. This without studies supporting efficacy or whether liposomal NMN really has extra significant benefits.

In fact, we think it’s more important to make sure your NMN is of high quality and is a next-generation structure which is more crystalline and more stable, as we explain here:


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