Why does NOVOS use glycine instead of trimethylglycine (TMG) or betaine?

Trimethylglycine (TMG), also called betaine, is a substance that is sometimes recommended for health or longevity purposes, mainly to improve methylation (which is the process of adding small molecules called methyl groups to the DNA to regulate gene expression).

TMG was one of the many substances we looked into when formulating our foundational anti-aging product NOVOS Core.

However, we refrained from adding trimethylglycine to our formulation for several reasons. For example, in some patients TMG can cause side-effects, especially in the long term, such as disturbed sleep or gastro-intestinal issues.

Also, in the context of methylation (which is very important), TMG is a more downstream molecule in methylation pathways. We therefore recommend to take more upstream methylators, like choline and/or phosphatidylcholine (that way, the body can choose itself how much methylation donors it wants to create), and a B vitamin complex.

We explain more about choline and phosphatidylcholine on this page: https://novoslabs.com/best-food-supplements-to-take-even-when-you-eat-healthy/ (see section 9 about choline).

We added glycine not specifically as a methyl donor but because other reasons, for example glycine can help to protect the epigenome, especially in mitochondria, and has anti-inflammatory and various positive metabolic effects and extends lifespan in different species. We wrote more about glycine and longevity here:


Also, there are not sufficient well-conducted studies demonstrating that trimethylglycine extends lifespan in normal, healthy organisms.

Proper maintenance of the epigenome however is very important for longevity.

That is why NOVOS Core contains alpha-ketoglutarate, vitamin C (AKG and vitamin C work together synergistically, they are both substrates for TET enzymes for example), glycine, microdosed lithium, etc. This is also why NOVOS Boost contains NMN.

These are all molecules shown to help to maintain and protect the epigenome.

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