How much calcium is there in NOVOS?

NOVOS contains 1100 mg of alpha-ketoglutarate + 200 mg of calcium (a total of 1300 mg of calcium alpha-ketoglutarate).

An adult needs around 1000 mg of calcium per day. This can be somewhat more per day (e.g. 1250 mg per day).

However, make sure not to take calcium supplements that contain large doses of calcium e.g. 1000 mg at once, given the sudden high calcium peak in the blood can cause calcification of the arteries.

To further reduce this risk, it’s recommended to also take sufficient amounts of vitamin D per day (ideally 4000 units or more per day), vitamin K2 (ideally 180 microgram (ug) or more per day) and magnesium. These vitamins and minerals are necessary for proper calcium metabolism.

NOVOS Core contains high amounts of magnesium in the superior form of magnesium malate.

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