Does your NMN have a short shelf life, degrading into nicotinamide after a while?

Some people claim that NMN can degrade into nicotinamide (a form of vitamin B3).

NMN could indeed be converted into nicotinamide or vitamin B3. However, this mostly concerns only a small fraction of the total NMN.

We nonetheless recommend ideally storing NMN in a cool place (e.g. refrigerator) and out of sunlight to slow down this process.

NOVOS’ NMN is also different from most other companies given NOVOS uses a next-generation NMN that is more stable due to a more crystalline arrangement of the NMN molecules, resulting in much less NMN degradation. In this way, NOVOS’ NMN is very stable, even at room temperature.

Furthermore, we do regular quality assessments of our NMN via independent third-party labs confirming that our NMN consists of more than 99 percent NMN and is thus very pure, even after months of storage.

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