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For most people, lifespan is 90% lifestyle and only 10% genetics. In fact, a healthy lifestyle can add 8 to 15 years to your lifespan.

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Our foundational formulation, NOVOS Core, targets all the root causes of aging to promote longevity, appearance, cognition, and energy. Slow down aging with these 12 highly-effective longevity ingredients in one daily dose, which you can mix with water to drink. Each box contains 30 packets for a one-month supply.


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Support energy, metabolism, and cognition as you age, with NOVOS Boost. This powerful daily dose of NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) is powerful enough to be taken on its own but works best as an addition to your daily NOVOS Core regimen. Each bottle contains 30 servings for a one-month supply.

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