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How you compare:

90 and up: Your health is beyond impressive! You’re in the top 1%.

80 to 89: You’re in very good health. You’re a role model for others.

70 to 79: You’re healthier than most, though you can still improve.

60 to 69: You’re fairly healthy, but there’s a much more you can do.

50 to 59: You’re in average health, which is far from an ideal state.

40 to 49: You’re below average. Small fixes can make a big impact.

25 to 39: Your health is well below the average. Please act quickly.

0 to 24: Your health score is very, very low. You need to act now!

For most people, lifespan is 75% lifestyle and only 25% genetics. In fact, a healthy lifestyle can add 8 to 15 years to your lifespan.

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