Glucosamine for longevity

Glucosamine is a very interesting longevity substance.

Large studies found that people who take glucosamine live longer.

Glucosamine intake has also been associated with better heart health.

In animals, glucosamine extends lifespan.

Glucosamine can target inflammaging at the cellular level, and helps the body to manage oxidative stress and support autophagy.

Glucosamine and longevity  

Glucosamine is a natural molecule present in our body in skin, bones, nails, ligaments, and the cartilage of our joints.

Studies found that glucosamine intake was associated with reduced mortality in humans (R)(R): the higher the intake of glucosamine, the lower the incidence of people dying.

A meta-analysis of food supplements showed that glucosamine intake was associated with improved heart health in humans (R).

People who take glucosamine supplements also seem to have less inflammaging at the cellular level (R). 

Glucosamine has shown to extend lifespan in various organisms (R,R).

In one study, glucosamine given to mice extended lifespan by 10%, especially in male mice.

Scientists believe that glucosamine can slow down aging by mimicking a calorie-restricted diet (R).

Glucosamine can also protect DNA against damage (R), help the body to manage crosslinking (R) and oxidative stress (R,R), and support autophagy (supporting cells to properly recycle proteins, which is important to maintain youthfulness of cells) (R).

Interestingly, glucosamine is a supplement that can improve skin health and reduce the appearance of skin aging and wrinkles (R).

Glucosamine also contributes to a healthy expression of collagen, hyaluronan synthase, and other important proteins that make up our skin (R). 

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