NOVOS & allergies or intolerances

If you are allergic or intolerant to any component of NOVOS Core or NOVOS Boost, we advise you to not take the product containing the ingredient and to further discuss this with an experienced healthcare provider.

With that said, people are often diagnosed with allergies from tests, but allergy tests are far from perfect. Often an allergy diagnosis is made by the patient telling his/her story, or by testing for IgE antibodies in the blood against specific allergens, but these tests are not very specific or sensitive. That is, people are often diagnosed with allergies against substances they are not really allergic to. One can have high levels of IgE against a substance, but still not be allergic to that substance, and one can be very allergic to a substance but not have increased IgE’s.

Also, people are often not allergic, but rather are intolerant to a specific substance (allergies are mediated by IgE responses, intolerances can, for example, be mediated by histamine intolerance, lack of specific (digestive) enzymes, and so on). To complicate things even further, sometimes people who are intolerant to one substance, won’t be intolerant anymore to the same substance a few months or years later. However, people sometimes think for decades they are still intolerant to a specific substance.

We often see that many food intolerances are misdiagnosed as allergies.

You know your body best. Closely monitor how you feel when consuming specific foods or supplements, and consider the possibility of confounding factors playing a role (i.e., did you do anything else that may possibly result in the way you’re feeling?). Finally, to reiterate, discuss with your healthcare provider if you are ever concerned or unsure.

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