Is NMN better than NR?

NMN is very likely better than NR.

NMN is one step further in the pathways that converts NAD boosters (like NMN and NR) into NAD. Also, NMN is more stable in the blood.

Scientific research seems to indicate the NMN is better than NR.

For example, NMN seems to have more beneficial effects on various aging symptoms compared to NR.

People also report to feel more beneficial effects using NMN instead of NR.

Nonetheless, NR is currently being heavily promoted, often at the detriment of NMN.

There are many reasons for this. One reason is that the production process of NR is patented, giving a monopoly to specific companies which aggressively market NR. In contrast, NMN is not patented, so this molecule is far less aggressively marketed.

Also, until recently NMN was very difficult and expensive to produce, that is why many companies started selling NR instead of NMN.

We compiled an in-depth comparison between NMN and NR on our blog.

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