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Why Everything About Aging Was Wrong

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Did you know that some antioxidants can actually shorten lifespan?

Various studies found that antioxidants like vitamin E, beta carotene and others could actually increase mortality.

Not only that, scientists have since proven that the free radical theory of aging – the one that claims antioxidants will slow aging – is a big oversimplification (learn more here).

Previously, it was said that we mainly age because very small particles, called free radicals, damage or “oxidize” our cells, a process that antioxidants could prevent.

It’s not that simple.

Sometimes, increasing levels of free radicals can actually extend lifespan. Free radicals can be beneficial, by “hardening” our cells, so that they repair and protect themselves better via a process known as hormesis.

In a similar vein, taking extra antioxidants could actually accelerate aging, because their presence signals to cells to make less antioxidant enzymes, which are often much more efficient to protect cells than antioxidants taken via a supplement.

We see that we age because of many other reasons than “oxidative damage” and free radicals. Reasons which are far more important.

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So why do we age?

In the last twenty years we’ve discovered there are at least 9 important mechanisms causing aging:

Scientists all over the world are exploring now how to impact each of these aging mechanisms. Various biotechnologies, but also nutrients, can impact these aging processes.

For example, epigenetic changes (the epigenome determines which genes are switched on or off) can be improved by glycine, microdosed lithium, and pterostilbene.

Mitochondrial dysfunction (the mitochondria are the power plants of our cells) can be improved by alpha-ketoglutarate, vitamin C and fisetin.

We created NOVOS Core based on these insights.

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