The NOVOS Ultimate Longevity Regimen

What are the best supplements, diets and other interventions to slow down aging, and to live longer and healthier?  We listed them all here.  Why is this longevity regimen important?  1. Official recommendations often fall short As we discussed before, people often need higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients than what official government […]

Why High-Animal Protein (Carnivore) Diets Accelerate Aging

  We have an ambitious goal.  In this article we want to settle the animal-based versus plant-based diet debate.  We understand why many carnivore diet fans have strong opinions about plant-based diets, and why plant-based dieters sometimes vehemently oppose meat-based diets. Both have some good points. And some bad points.  It’s remarkable, but also understandable, […]

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