How To Lower Your Cholesterol, The Science-Based Way

Your cholesterol is too high. What now?  First, know that your cholesterol levels are not everything.  Many other things can increase your risk of heart disease besides “high cholesterol”, such as inflammation, crosslinking in your arteries, mitochondrial dysfunction, an unhealthy epigenome, micronutrient deficiencies, and so on.  Luckily, the tips we provide here will not only […]

The Best Sleep Tech And Devices To Improve Your Sleep

Good sleep is a particularly important component of human longevity. During sleep, your body repairs itself and produces various substances that increase health and longevity, such as melatonin. We provide many tips to help you sleep better here. In this post, we dig into some interesting devices that can be used to further track and […]

The Science Behind NOVOS

This page contains the science behind NOVOS. It consists of 5 parts:  1. The scientific rationale behind NOVOSOur thoughts behind developing science-based longevity nutraceuticals 2. A brief description of the health and longevity effects of NOVOS’ ingredientsDownload our little guidebook about our ingredients 3. Selection of representative studies of NOVOS ingredients  Exemplary studies behind each ingredient […]

The NOVOS Ultimate Longevity Regimen

What are the best supplements, diets and other interventions to slow down aging, and to live longer and healthier?  We listed them all here.  Why is this longevity regimen important?  1. Official recommendations often fall short As we discussed before, people often need higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients than what official government […]

Altos Wants To Reverse aging – And They Are Not The Only Ones

Altos is a company with high ambitions: they want to address aging. Even better, Altos wants to reverse aging.  That would mean making old people younger again.  This might sound strange or counterintuitive.  But sooner or later we will go towards a society where aging can be substantially slowed down and even reversed.  People would […]

What Are Longevity Hackers?

Longevity hackers are people who use the best scientific insights and data-driven approaches to slow down aging in order to improve their healthspan and lifespan. In essence, longevity hackers want to slow aging to stay young and healthy for as long as possible. In fact, longevity hackers don’t just want to slow down aging.  They […]

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