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‘Limitless’ – Does Chris Hemsworth really slow down aging?

‘Limitless‘ is a documentary in which Chris Hemsworth pursues various methods to slow down aging. The series is produced by Disney+ and National Geographic, with Darren Aronofsky as director.  But is pushing the “limits as far the body and mind can go” the way to go to live a longer, healthier life? Not really. Jumping […]

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Fisetin Reduces COVID-Related Mortality in Old Mice

Fisetin is a substance that can extend lifespan in multiple species (R,R,R). Fisetin is mostly known for its ability to clear senescent cells, which accumulate during aging (R). What’s less known is that fisetin can also reduce inflammation, and incite cells to better defend and repair themselves.  This can be of use in aging, in […]

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22 Tips To Reduce Wrinkles That Actually Work!

Wrinkles develop more and more as we age, but that doesn’t mean we can’t slow their progression, or make them less noticeable! Below you find some great tips for a younger-looking, healthy skin, especially in the areas of the forehead, around the eyes and neck.   Additionally, you can learn more about specific supplements to reduce […]

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60 Top Tips to Live Longer, Doctor-Approved

How much are you doing to slow down your aging and maximize your lifespan and health span? Lots of things contribute to the aging process, many of which will surprise you! We’ve put together this list of more 60 tips to slow your aging and live longer, all backed by research. Skim through it to […]

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Anti-Aging Supplement Improves Skin Firmness, Suppleness

Participants who took NOVOS Core for 6 months all showed improvements in skin firmness as measured by a medical device known as an indentometer.  An indentometer is a device that measures skin suppleness and firmness. Besides these objective measurements, participants also mentioned noticeable improvements in their skin, such as improved elasticity, smoothness, and firmness.  The […]

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