How To Best Take NOVOS and Other FAQs

1. How to best take NOVOS Core NOVOS Core is ideally taken with or after a meal. You can add NOVOS Core to any cold to lukewarm (but not hot) […]

FAQs About NMN

NMN is one of the most studied and popular substances to slow down aging. Let’s address some common questions about NOVOS Boost NMN.  1. When IS best to take NMN?  […]

How to remember to take NOVOS

It’s not always easy to remember taking a sachet every day. Here are some simple tips to make sure you don’t forget. 1. Make it a habit. Take NOVOS at […]

Does Pterostilbene Increase LDL Cholesterol?

Some people worry that pterostilbene increases LDL cholesterol and that this is a bad thing.   A study done in 2014 found that people who took pterostilbene supplements had an increase […]

Do I Need to Combine NMN With Methyldonors?

The answer is, it depends. There is a theoretical assumption that one would need to take extra methyl donors given NMN uses up methyl groups in order to be degraded […]

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