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Statistically Significant Reduction of Biological Pace of Aging: Case Study on NOVOS Core + Boost

NOVOS initiated a case study from February 2022 to August 2022. For the study, 12 participants were provided with an epigenetic test kit (the same test behind NOVOS Age), plus six months’ daily use of NOVOS Core and NOVOS Boost. The population was composed of six males and six females aged 39 to 76.

Participants were instructed to submit a blood sample for epigenetic testing prior to ever having used NOVOS Core or Boost, then to begin taking one sachet of Core and two pills of Boost (250 mg NMN dosage) daily. They were also asked not to make any significant changes to their lifestyles unless medically necessary and to notify the NOVOS R&D team if any significant changes had taken place.

Principal Component DunedinPACE clock outputs were compared for each subject’s start and end samples. The group had a statistically significant reduction in biological pace of aging, with eight of the eleven subjects (73%) reducing their pace of aging well beyond the test’s error margin. The average percentage change was minus 6.1% and one participant’s result was minus 14%.

Among the small group who did not improve, there was no statistical change, meaning they maintained their pace of aging, which might indicate a positive result. Their longevity might have worsened had they not taken NOVOS products. Zero participants had an increase in their pace of aging.

Note that the p-value for the results, at 0.001, far exceeds the minimum benchmark of statistical significance of 0.05. In other words, the results are 50 times less likely to be by random chance than what scientists ordinarily require to consider something as “statistically significant” (i,e., it is not coincidental).

Extending beyond the case study, multiple anecdotal customer accounts reflect similar outcomes. One verified customer had this to say: “I tested my biological age with an epigenetic test prior to starting NOVOS Core. I was 1.8 years younger than my chronological age. I started daily NOVOS Core packets, and six months later, I repeated the test. I was 8.4 years younger than my chrono age! I am excited about the results!” (Amy B., MSN, APRN, FNP-C.). Another said this:

“I took a blood epigenetic test before starting on NOVOS. I was 72 years old and the result said bio age 71. I then took Core and Boost consistently over 6 months, made sure not to add or remove any other supplements or make any significant lifestyle changes, then retested. I turned 73 and the result came back as bio age 63 – minus 10 years! I asked the lab to check if there were any errors in their analysis. To my delight, there wasn’t! Over those 6 months I noticed subtle improvements in my energy and got compliments from friends and family on my complexion. Here I am two years later and I’m still being complimented on my skin.” (Len M., New York)

The impressive results come after remarkable results from two studies demonstrating that the combination of ingredients in NOVOS Core and NOVOS Boost protects human cells against DNA damage and cellular aging (senescence). PR Newswire: Original Article

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