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How We Created NOVOS, A Pioneering Anti-Aging Supplement

As the founders, scientists and doctors behind NOVOS, we were very frustrated that there were no effective science-based supplements to address aging. 

We have been passionate about slowing aging for ages! For many years, we closely followed the new developments and research into longevity, both complex new biotechnologies, and more concrete ways to live longer, like supplements, nutrition and lifestyle.

We closely examined the “best” anti-aging supplements as they were put on the market, and were regularly disappointed by how ineffective or outdated their formulations were.

So we developed NOVOS.

This is how we formulated a better longevity supplement, and the process we use(s) to identify the most promising ingredients to slow down aging:

  • We scoured the biomedical databases, going through thousands of scientific papers (not really a problem given we have been doing that for many years; following up with aging research is both our job and passion). 
  • We went to dozens of aging & biology conferences to see what’s buzzing.
  • We surveyed the entire anti-aging supplement sector to see what has already been developed.
  • We worked with the top experts in the field of aging.
  • And so much more…

We maintained a very high standard as we selected our longevity ingredients:

  • They had to extend lifespan in well-conducted scientific studies, preferably in different species.
  • They had to be naturally-occurring molecules,
  • … including molecules that occur in our bodies, but decline during aging.
  • Ideally, the molecules are also present in healthy foods and are a reason why these foods are healthy. 
  • They have to impact multiple important aging pathways
  • Ideally, they have been used in humans to treat or prevent aging-related diseases, hinting that they can achieve this by acting on aging itself.
  • Ideally, the ingredients were associated with reduced mortality in humans. 

The result is NOVOS Core, which we believe to be the best longevity supplement available, containing 12 natural ingredients and is the first supplement to simultaneously target 12 mechanisms of aging. 

Of course, we couldn’t do this alone. We stand on the shoulders of great scientists that did ground-breaking research. We worked closely together with our scientific advisory board with top experts in the aging field. We convened with the best consultants in the field of longevity, and relied on a whole community of scientists and longevity enthusiasts. 

To all these people: thank you! And to you: thank you for your trust in our product!

Learn more about the anti-aging supplement NOVOS Core

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